Friday, January 20, 2012

Once A Year Affair...

Another two more days and Chinese New Year is here!

My last minute preparation includes painting my porch only on this very day!  I have been procrastinating or should I say... "my colleague" is the one delaying? hahaha... Gosh, hope he is not reading this post... he promised to paint my porch two weeks ago and somehow... de....lay.... till today!

My porch is still half-painted... tomorrow he will continue... imagine that.. hahaha... painting at the very last minute!  Anyway he is a very nice guy... still willing to help this old lady out...   :)

Ok, another guy is helping me out with the frying of theesseee  below! 
step one.. heat up the oil....
then throw in the dry prawn crackers...
and allow them to "expand" themselves...
Careful of the oil, Dear!!
You are semi-naked.... ouch!!
Gently drain out the oil .... 
We managed to get 4 "Jacob" tins of these prawn crackers
after standing more than an hour near the fire......
phewwww!!  Hot Work!!
Thank you so much, Dear!!


  1. censored censored......


  2. Why got semi naked guy there? LOL! Craving for the prawn crackers! : )

  3. kathy: hehee... not sam kap ma..

    foong: dangerous right?

  4. Wah, not bad... got porch helper and kitchen helper :) Your keropok looks very tasty!

    Happy CNY to you!

  5. His belly was so close to the flame. Wasn't he afraid of hot oil? At least, his belly was...

  6. mine..still waiting to be fried..

  7. chloe: heaty too..if not careful...

    Pam: now he realizes that his tummy is big after looking at the pics..

    wenn: tomorrow?

  8. crackers! they take quite a bit of tme to fry but eating them up is super fast:-(

  9. It took over an hour to cook these? Standing over it all the time?? Gosh, I hope the taste is worth it! No wonder he is not wearing a shirt. I want to see the porch when it is done.

  10. My 1st time frying "nga ku" and I failed miserably! Lolz

    Have a Blessed New Year Claire, and to all at home too! ;)

  11. I sweat when I see the sami naked man in your kitchen. What if the hot oil 'kena' his very fair and smooth tummy? Wiping my sweat now.

  12. Happy Chinese New Year my dear friend ...have a good year ahead...:)

  13. aiyoh, so nice those crackers, i like.. but then who's that semi-naked brave man?? i'm so worry the oil will splash on his fair white flesh, haha.. should at least wear an apron to protect lah~~

  14. Wah, you 'another guy' is very sexy lo! hahha ;p

    Wishing you and family Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  15. A big pat for your kitchen helper. He likes to venture into the kitchen and am sure he will be a good cook.

  16. Kung Hei Fatt Choy to you and your family. Enjoy the celebrations.

  17. he is back.. a very good helper around! Fans not wiped yet.... hehee..

  18. Who's that? Andy has grown so fat? Omigawd!!! Like when he was a kid now... LOL!!!

  19. Mine oh mine, this is the first time Im hearing that u are hving prawn crackers for CNY. Is it yr tradition food?

    BTW, Im back in Ipoh now, hope to catch up with you.


Thank you, readers!

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