Thursday, January 19, 2012

Something New To Me...

Bought two packets of foodstuff today... 
one which I have never tried before.. 
and one is my all-time favourite... 
I am eating one of each now... a snack after dinner...
I still prefer my all-time favourite.. 
On the left is "Sak Keh Mar" and 
the other one is walnut & dates..
Guess which one taste nicer.. :)
Went to Public Bank to collect this Cornell..
They give this free if you open a current account...
I haven't looked inside the box yet.... Not sure how to use this.. something like microwave?
Anyone tried this before?  Is it practical?


  1. wow! Good deal wor.. yes, I always use my steamer for all my steam food... it's practical, coz you can do rice, and 2 dish at the same time..

  2. mmmm, i also love "sat kei mah", those from ipoh are just so nice~~

  3. cyn: must be better than microwave then.. at least this one no radiation?

    sk: this one is not so sweet and not much egg taste..

  4. Ahewm......deposit rm10k wor can get the steamer hahahaha

  5. Sat kei mah is my mum's favorite but not me. The steamer is very practical especially for a small family. I miss my steamer. Mine spoilt already Have not buy a new one yet. Maybe I wait for Public Bank in KL to give this away and open a current account to get one.. hehe

  6. I have no idea what Sak Keh Mar is so maybe I'll guess the walnut & dates to be nicer?

  7. I still like "Sat kei mah". Dont like dates though.

    Im coming back to Ipoh during the CNY. Lets meet then.

    Can u pls email me yr phone no to my email

  8. Reana,
    I have never heard of a Cornell. You'll have to let us know if it's like a microwave. It looks plastic.
    Congrats on being a Featured Member of vB!

  9. The snacks look good and so does the steamer!

  10. If it is a food steamer, looks like you would put liquid in the bottom. Microwave dries food out, this would keep it very moist!!! Steamed broccoli is very good, steaming keeps all the nutrients in the food and they don't get dumped out with the boiling water.

  11. Not into those stuff. Cornell's good brand - I've the slow cooker. How much you put in current account to get that? kaya hor!

  12. kathy: yeah..after that, can take out ma..

    quaypo: dont know still have this offer or not.. more than a month ago..

    bella: yeah.. definitely!

    wenn: not opened yet so not sure..

    jessie: i did that already..

    erin: thank you!!

    gigi: hahaha...

    ginny: yeah, i think it will be better than microwave..

    stp: hahaha... like kathy said.. then i took out again..

  13. Happy Lunar New Year to you and your family!!!

  14. That's a steamer. Perfect for steaming paus and 'nin gou'.

  15. Oh the steamer is very handy but I just don't like to wash up so many compartments after use :)

    Kong Hee Fatt Choy to you and your family, Claire :)

  16. I like "Sak Keh Mar". Never tried the other one before. That food steamer looks interesting. I've always wanted one but afraid that I won't use much of it.

    Anyway, Gong Xi Fatt Chai to you and your family!

  17. I love the Sak Keh Mar! Nice snacks!

  18. what fun to try a new food machine.
    And congrats to your girl!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  19. Ooo! Honey-comb biscuit aka sak keh mar is my favourite snack too. Normally have it during festival like cny and mooncake festival.

    Happy chinese new year to you and your family, Claire!

  20. Oooer I love sat kei ma too!
    The Cornell will be a great companion. Healthy steamed dishes to be tried! :)

  21. i want sat kei ma! :P wow whats that n how is it work?? let us noe kay!!

  22. very nice food steamer!

  23. It's great to try new things, and it's awesome you found something you liked :)

    Thanks for sharing this happiness with us at Rub Some Dirt On It!

  24. Steamer is one of my life-saver when i got no time to stand at the stove to cook!

    I can steam rice, soup, stews, vege, eggs there...kautim one meal :P

    Very lazy hor lol


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