Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Evening At Straits Quay Penang

"So...what's on the next itinerary, mum?"
Ok, the next program on the list is of course our evening dinner.... 

After a good rest in Gurney Hotel, we went to Straits Quay to celebrate Aaron's Birthday.  Before we went for dinner, we walked around first.... looking at the bright lights and dim lights around there... it was quite crowded on a Saturday night...
some stalls to display their goods at the entrance...
someone seems to be"overwhelmed"  :)
some of the night scenes...
Lots of stuff displayed...
Nice to stroll around... 
Wish Ipoh has this kind of environment! 
the E n O style...
this entrance reminded me of Pavilion in KL...
Everywhere we go, pictures and pictures...
Guess its time to get a new camera... 
nothing dark like this will come out.... hahahaa...


  1. it's quite nice. i think there's also a portion of the building or maybe upstairs are for residency..the last time i went there it was quite quiet.

  2. Nice family outing and the place looks nice and I am sure you had a wonderful meal there too huh :)

  3. aiyo! should have went to find u when u are here! =(

  4. Use picasa.com to brighten picture also can... :)

  5. lena: yeah .. quiet cos the apartments are so expensive.. :)

    elin: money spent sure nice..

    henry: i didnt know u r from Penang! :)

    cath: thanks for info...

  6. Straits Quay is no doubt a fashionable shopping mall but not really affordable. Go there for food ok, not other merchandising stalls...

  7. Aiyor...I so malulah.:P I never been there. I have to go soon and tell.

  8. Lovely with all the lights.


  9. This looks so fancy and nice...will you be showing the food tomorrow? I LOVE those pretty chandeliers!

  10. Oooooo...nice place. Expensive! For rich people... Wink! Wink!

  11. Penang is a nice place to visit. Nice family outing.

  12. Straits Quay is your favourite shopping mall in Penang, see you been there many times. I have yet to go there.

  13. shopping at straits quay is fun after a scrumptious dinner :) but i've only been there twice..

    Latest: Sinful Indulgence

  14. pam: u r right...

    jessie: go for the desserts in Delicious!

    ginny: yess..food post today!

    kathy: u must go one day.. :)

    irene: i love to go Penang..

    yan: shopping .. no.. eating.. yes! hahaha..

    fish: i have been there few times but have yet to try all the food.. :)

    filip: yes.. night time is nice..

  15. very happening place. good place to eat and shop.

  16. nice..I hvn't been there during the night yet.

  17. hey, been this place since last year. That time not much stalls opening yet.. I almost 1 year I visited this place... Want go again =)

  18. Nice place! Would love to go there! : )

  19. can't wait till I get to penang...


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