Monday, February 27, 2012

Dell Birthday Gift For You...

After fetching Aaron from the airport around 4.30pm, we went back to the hotel to have a good rest before dinner at Straits Quay.

Upon reaching the hotel room, all of us pretended to be cool... I told Aaron to open the cupboard to check whether there were any slippers inside cos I said my legs were aching.... 

Unsuspecting nothing amiss, he opened the cupboard and the rest of us shouted, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and sang "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUU......" song..... 
Inside the cupboard were three boxes.... 2 big 1 small...
we hid the birthday gift inside the cupboard.. hahaa...
It was really a pleasant surprise for him...
his grin says it all...
a birthday card from the "adorable" sister..
a family picture before the unwrapping of presents...
brother lending a helping hand....
"are these really for me??"
"Godmother" looking on....
"wireless mouse"
more smiles... 
the whole set of Dell laptop... 
comes with a wireless mouse 
and a nice Belkin Bag..
Hope you love our Dell Birthday Gift, B !!
Happy Birthday and Happy Using Dell... 


  1. Nice birthday gift from mummy. Aaron give mummy a big huggggggggggggg.

  2. one whole set of DELL! that's a pretty good gift for him :) i want that from my mum too :P

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  4. wow!! i would be so thrilled if i get all these as gifts!! very nice family photo, claire!

  5. which model of dell is that? am using studio 1558... Pretty good...

  6. wow..pretty awesome gift..congrats!

  7. Mum, I'm so really blessed with this gift and it shocks me..speechless when i saw it..But on top of that,is the love from all of you throughout these years..Thank you so much Mum, Wei and Fernie!

  8. wow wow wow.. i wanna be ur son too! :D It's always nice to read your blog, Claire. The love in your family... simply heart warming :)

  9. irene: hahahaa... biiggggg one!

    fish: your mum will give u something BIGGER! :)

    gigi: thanks!!!

    lena: yes.. they are lovely if they were given to me too.. hahaha...

    WK: dont ask me.. i also dont know.. son kau thim sendiri..

    wenn: thanks!

    Son: thank you for coming and celebrating with us on this special day too! we love every moment of it.. God Bless!

    foong: not bad huh.. hahaa..

  10. merryn: thank you .. family is our first priority... i m sure everyone feels that too... you also have a lovely family.. God Bless..

  11. Happy Birthday Aaron! Great gift huh ! :) your mommy is the greatest momsie on earth :) and I am sure you had a wonderful day with your family in Penang.

  12. This year, laptop. Next year, car???

  13. What happy pictures!!! Aaron is so blessed to have such a good mom as you, this is quite a gift!!! How old is he turning? Tell him Happy Birthday for me, he is such a good looking man!!!

  14. wow!!! thats very nice of you all!
    =( my family never give me any present after 12. =( SIGH!

  15. elin: yes..we did.. came home heavier.. haha..

    pam: toy car? :p

    henry: cos now u r big boy ma.. :)

  16. Happy Birthday to Aaron!! I wish to have this kind of surprises too..ahahahhaha

  17. Happy Birthday to Aaron. May God bless you with good health and work.

  18. Hahaha! Cheeky family! Really a surprise for him. Happy birthday!!

  19. Wow....I would be also smiling from cheek to cheek with such a gift. Blessed Birthday to Aaron.

  20. What an awesome birthday gift for Aaron. Lovely family you have, Claire.

  21. Happy B'day Aaron. That's such an expensive b'day gift. Aaron is so lucky to have such a sporting and cool mum !

  22. Have the same Dell and it is a great machine. Use it in fine health for long time young man!

    good wishes with Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    >< } } ( ° >

  23. Happy birthday to Aaron! He must be the happiest boy on earth!

  24. want another son? Adopt me!!! LOL!!!

  25. LOL to STP: my adopted son? will u cook for me every day? :p

    thank you all for your birthday wishes.. God bless you all..


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