Sunday, February 26, 2012

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I was talking to a friend online the other night and we were sharing some views on our blogs and other topics as well.  One of the topics was on our blogs and how we maintain it and at the same time, drawing "high traffic" to them.  He suggested some websites and I did the same and a moment ago, I stumbled upon this Rank Giant which is suitable for us publishers as well.  I have not signed up yet but will take some time off to read what it has to offer. 

There are so much I have to learn from SEO, Search Engine Optimization, in fact from the day I started to blog in 2008, I know nothing much about Internet Marketing.  But after some research online and hearing from my IT friends, I have gathered a bit here and there.  My blog does indeed need more "recognition" in a way so I believe that this Rank Giant will be able to assist me in getting what I need.  One of my blog friends have recommended a very good website whereby I can check my online rankings.  From what I read here, Rank Giant is a Los Angeles SEO company with dedicated staff to give their best and effective SEO services and that includes affordable rates as well.

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