Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bloggers' Karaoke-ing In Paramount Hotel Lounge, Sibu

As Quay Po said, "don't play-play!" Bloggers like us not only know how to eat but also know how to SING our hearts out as well....  hahahaa...

After the scrumptious dinner, Arthur Wee took us to the next attraction in his itinerary list, the Paramount Hotel!  We were led to a very decent lounge and you know what... Arthur booked the whole lounge for us!  Isn't that amazing!  We had the whole karaoke lounge.. we can sit anywhere we like, we can croon all we like.. we can dance throughout the night... Saturday ma.. Saturday Night Fever!!  LOL....
Bloggers cum Singers.... don't play play!!  LOL...
Quay Po started the ball rolling by singing the very first song 
by Theresa Ting... (don't play-play!)
a lady who doesn't know Mandarin can sing in that language one..
Bravo... *clap clap*
Next... our all time Professional Singer of Sibu...
needs no introduction eh...
crooning out a song... love song...  :) 
Meanwhile.. I had some "beer" with an underaged girl.. 
ooopsss... (for show only!)
my son was feeling equally elated... why?
Cos he could watch the Badminton Live!
Lee Chong Wei playing semi-finals All England!!
not bad leh!
What a wonderful time we had..
Can sing, dance and watch TV all at the same time!
Ok what do we have here....
A duet... started off like this....
Ended up like this!! hehehee...
(hey..we are "straight", ok!)
Even the underaged girl belted out a song too!
First time I see her sing actually! :)
This time.. a duet by Father and Daughter...
Great Combination!
So.... what do you say?
"Let's have a Bloggers" Blast Again!!"
This time in IPOH!!  YES!!!


  1. hahaha, nice photos and a great post! I had SO MUCH FUN! YEZZ! YEZZ! YEZZ! next time Bloggers karaoke will be in my hometown, Ipoh! XOXO!

  2. Lol....u r so fast Claire. Yea had a great time here.....okok...next time.in Ipoh.

  3. I wish I was there to sing karoke with u and Arthur. Planning another bloggers session in Penang?

  4. looks like you all had loads of fun!!!

  5. Looks like such fun!!!! What a great surprise!!! Did you sing?

  6. Omigawd!!! All my undigested dinner and a HUGE one at that...showing. I forgot to breathe in, so busy singing. LOL!!!

    She did, Ginny! She sang the most! Muahahahahaha!!!! Check out my post in my blog tomorrow and you will see her in action. Wink! Wink!

  7. P.S.
    The smiles on everyone's faces certainly reflect how much fun everyone was having. Sibu's not that bad, ya? Good food, good fun, good company.

    Must come again...and for your readers who have never been here, about time they all drop by as well.

  8. Looks like so much fun. I'm not a karaoke person, though :)

  9. So happy to see that you guys were enjoying yourselves there,,,

  10. All put on wide smiles. Looks everyone is having sooooooooo much fun and enjoying with great company.

  11. Karaoke is one of my favourites. Ipoh? When?

  12. quaypo: lets arrange for a nice dinner and kara-oke!!

    yeeling: yes.. in July! hahaha..

    jessie: next time.. perhaps can arrange one again.. !

    stp: the sibu memories still fresh in my mind.. so must post up fast before it disappears.. i sang the most?? sure boh? paiseh then! hahaha.. next time i let u sing more in IPOH!

    peppertan: it is just for fun! no need great voices!

    eugene: we should have one over here soon!

    irene: YES, IT was a great gathering!

    sheohyan: will arrange one dinner and karaoke in Ipoh.. see when only... hahaha..

    bananaz: wanna join us next time? :)

  13. very fun bloggers' gathering. how I wish I was there with you guys.

  14. wow, you all got the whole lounge by yourselves..that's terrific! any glass broke that nite??

  15. i think you more happy that night leh...can watch your idol and can sing :)

  16. littekitboy: the more the merrier!

    lena: hey, all of us gentlemen and gentlelady la... i scared mirror break only when i sing.. hahaha..

    kathy: yeah lo, u know me better.. can kill two birds with one stone!

  17. interesting how the kompia sticks to the big pot. magic:D

  18. Nice gathering ya? From blogger friends to real life friends!


Thank you, readers!

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