Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Got Knock Out In Badminton Today!

Today is All Perak Badminton... (not All  I am one of the five pairs of  players representing my office and it was an inter-district tournament.  Four out of five pairs were knocked out during the rounds and I was one of them! hahahaa....

Anyway it was fun to be on the badminton court once again after I had hung up my racket more than 1 or 2 years ago...nowadays I only play when needed to... not a regular player anymore.... I have lost touch with the game... I guess I have to stick to watching TV live tournaments instead...
Tapah versus Ipoh...
My partner... 
still have time to get some grins for the camera...
that was why we lost?
not serious enough! :p

In Action!!
Going to lose...... going ..going...Gone!
don't play-play...
can still smash one, you know..
but always kena net only!


  1. Black and yellow, memangpun jiwa Perak!

  2. Well Done, Claire! Wonderful that you join the competition even though your team lose. It's the courage to get back to court that's inspirational even though you had stopped sometime ago. PLEASE don't stop. It's very good exercise. You may win in the next game :D Wonderful to see you are all smiles! High 5! :DD

  3. Playing tournaments is fun and pushes you to your limits. It doesn't matter if you lose.


  4. Great pictures, so sorry you were knocked out! You are such a good sport, though!!!

  5. Old liao...time to retire gracefully. Badminton is a strenuous game - even Minister of Health died of heart attack, playing badminton. Take up something swimming or Tai Chi...

  6. Not only you like watching badminton, you play too ya!

    Take care!

  7. Never give up hope. Put in more effort and I know you have done your best.

  8. Lolz, u're so cute.. Like your action in the court... hahaha enjoy ya =)

  9. whahaha this is the first time i see you in badminton action. perhaps next time we can try some double xD


  10. good game mah...the spirit of sport womanship hehehe

  11. War....don't play play. Cab smash some more...but always kena net. Haha :D Epic!

  12. chris: those were the days!! :p

    kathy: i didnt cry hor.. :)

    daniel: alright!!!

    irene: play once a year affair... lol..

    june: yeah.. enjoyable..

    hayley: that is why i love to watch! yes.. but nowadays not nice anymore..

    stp: maybe i take up swimming to overcome water phobia!

    mary: i know u r a good player! yes, badminton is a nice game to play..

    ginny: thanks!

    filip: yeah, it doesnt matter..

    pam: with black shorts! hahaa..

    chris: memang!

  13. with the headband, you look like a lady warrior! really no play2!


Thank you, readers!

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