Sunday, March 25, 2012

Farewell Dim Sum Meal In Sibu

My Sibu trip posts are never ending, aren't they? LOL.. Ok, it is going to end soon.... we went to Sibu on Saturday and flew back to Ipoh on Tuesday... 4 days 3 nights are good enough, all the food I wanted to taste are accomplished and that includes Sibu Dim Sum as well !

Arthur treated us to a farewell Dim Sum breakfast in Mitsu Shabu Shabu Cafe, sounds like Japanese, right?  I think it is dim sum by day and japanese food by night. :)
We were taken upstairs, definitely cooler and quieter...
The ambiance is nice... looks very authentic too...
Tried the Sibu dumplings...
Same like those in Ipoh..they seem pretty alike to me..
Fresh from the oven... Portuguese tarts
Their raddish cake tasted good too
but would be great with bean sprouts...
Chee Cheong Fun... to my liking too.. not so oily...
This does not look appetizing because half of the portion was eaten 
before I realized that I had not taken a picture of it!
Their giant Siew Mai... for me, one is more than enough...
This is the best of all.. my favourite..
Baked sweet potato!  Ipoh does not have this yet..
guess they never will....
This picture is cute!  
Cannot remember why Small Kucing had a sad face..
Maybe he didn't want to fly back to KL that day, 
the reason for feeling solemn...
Well... farewell is just a word... 
we will meet once again soon!!


  1. LOL...coz he was playing with the chopsticks then it fell down...kena mamarazi scold lor...

    neway...really have to go travelling next target where? KK? Medan?Penang? Johor?...

  2. @Claire : welcome back to Sibu..this round must contact me lol.

    @Kathy : If goin Medan..then wait for me oh..I am goin to Medan in Nov.

  3. dim sum for breakfast? Well, why not? Lol.

  4. I heard that Sarawak is famous for siu mai, or commonly known as sio bee to the Sarawakians. Is it true that their sio bee contains more lean meat and cheaper than Ipoh's?

  5. Good things are meant to be shared. So keep sharing more Sibu hols stories!

    BTW, baked sweet potatoes sounds awesome! and certainly looks awesome!

  6. I have never heard of radish cake...the dumplings do look very different from others you have showed, very white and fluffy, almost like beaten egg whites. The tarts look very good, are they egg based? We do have baked sweet potatoes here...what do you put on them? We use butter and sour cream.

  7. Re. Pam's question.

    We call them sio bee (Siew mai's a name that came to town when finally, we had dim sum. That's Cantonese...not many here. Majority Foochows). There are good ones and there are not so good ones. I've had nice 50 sen ones, 60 sen and 70 sen...and at a few places (restaurant) RM1.20 each but not great.

    Must know where to go and buy/eat - cannot judge by [rices.

  8. Thinking of going some place again, Kathy! Sibu! Sibu.... Cheapest and nicest!

  9. kathy: aiyah.. dropped chopsticks only ah? i "ter-dropped" more important items la.. nasib baik no one scolds me... :)
    OK, next trip... er... Australia.. hahaha..

    Pam: i think STP answered your question.. he knows better definitely!

    blurkit: yes, they do taste awesome too!

    ginny: we do not put anything on top of the sweet potatoes when we eat them.. they are sweet enough already..

    stp: Sibu again and again.. u post up more new food first.. see whether they can lure us there again or not.. lol..

  10. wow..dim all-time favorite!

  11. Baked sweet potatoes look special, Fu San Ipoh didn't have this huh!

  12. Their dim sum are nothing much different than here.. except for the baked sweet potatoes.. Looks yummy!

  13. That is a nice dim sum. Baked sweet potatoes, sounds interesting and something new to me.

  14. trip must ask Arthur bring me here for dim sum..eeehheheh

  15. No problem at all, Yee Ling! Anytime!!!

  16. a dim sum restaurant serves sweet potatoes? i didnt know that, but it sounds like a good try there :)

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  17. Perhaps he is just too sad to leave. :D


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