Friday, March 2, 2012

Koay Teow Th'ng Along Lebuh Kimberley, Penang

The next morning Aaron and his friend took their buffet breakfast in Gurney Hotel... as for me, I prefer to go out for hawker food and one of my favourite is none other than koay teow th'ng... Penang is famous for this... can almost see this koay teow th'ng at any corner....

We went to one hawker stall right opposite this building along Lebuh Kimberley....
Chew Si Kee San Tong
(anyone can tell me what it means?  some association, right?)
near Penang Road... behind the shops
tall and standing is the Komtar building...
It was quite crowded when we reached there... 
waited around 10 minutes.. not so long actually..
dare not take too many pictures..
my favourite Koay Teow Th'ng
taken with cilipadi-s, BEST!
an accompaniment...
"fresh and young" choy sum (vegetables)

Isn't this a much better choice than a buffet breakfast?  :)


  1. Of course kuey teow th'ng is so much better than hotel buffet. Chew Si Kee San Tong means the The Chew's Accosiation.

  2. Interesting place, appetizing food!

  3. Is that liver I see in your Koay Teow Thng? Fuh.. if really shiok ooooo...

  4. mery: something clear..

    pam: i guess as much.. :)

    gigi: for breakfast, this is fine..

    merryn: no la..that is bak.. hahaha..

  5. Looks like pork noodles....
    Is it Chee Yau char on d veges?

  6. Actually yes, i would think this is a better choice than the buffet breakfast.. nom nom :)

    Kuey teow thng has always been healthier than all those fried stuff..

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  7. never had this before...but surely, I will pick this over buffet breakfast anytime!

  8. Would definitely prefer koay teow th'ng to buffet breakfast. Looks heavenly but weird when it comes with a plate of choy sum.

  9. That is an association for people with the sir name of Chew or Chow.
    I always prefer hawker food than any other things.

  10. The kuey teow soup looks good, wish to try too!

  11. Ahhhh!!!! I like! Hmmm...will have to cook my own one of these days. Sigh!!!

  12. simpleperson: i think garlic la.. :)

    isaac: yes, u should know, penang nang..

    angelbear: ditto to that...

    irene: this is called a balanced diet.. hahaa..

    yan: maybe we prefer this cos we are mothers! :0

    hayley: penang is famous for this..

    stp: come over to Penang la! no need to cook it yourself! lol..

  13. yes this one is yummy. you must also try the one in anson road market:D


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