Thursday, March 1, 2012

Burning A Hole At Delicious, Straits Quay

While stashing away the desserts in our stomach, our main dish arrived... 
My girl ordered spaghetti carbonara
with bacon, cheese as toppings..
The "Godmother" ordered beef spaghetti..
As for me, since my cholesterol is 6.1
which is on the "high side"
I decided to cut my meat intake and ordered 
Pan Seared Cod Fish..
But the fish was a bit dry...overcooked..
and the Two Prawns as toppings were "led away" from my plate...
In previous post, there was a "V" sign, right?
It meant TWO plates of Braised Lambshank..
for my Two Heroes...
RM40.90 each..
Lastly and not least...
an onion soup with baked cheese...
Aaron and his lambshank...
Overall, we had a very pleasant dinner...
A thumbs-up for the food and dessert...
The total cost?  ahhhhh... don't ask...


  1. Wow...nice food :) I want aso :))

  2. Went to one of their outlets in KL. Ok, good...but too expensive. Luckily, it was a treat from some of my not so bad. Didn't feel the pinch. LOL!!!

  3. Don't like the foods there,,, We often go to the one next to it,,"Spaso " and "Weiisebrau" ,,,try them out next time,, they are good

  4. Oh, the lamb shank looks lovely. Between Secret Recipe and Delicious, which one serves better lamb shank?

  5. wow, i think the food is really overpriced.. but never mind lah, once a while belanja also very happy one.. kekekeke~~

  6. wow! i wan the Braised Lambshank! =DDD hmmm really expensive, wait i rich first den i will go eat ad! haha

  7. mum, the food is awesome!i wish could have that most of my nights:) thanks for the treat!

  8. Quite pricey weh.. Disappointing to know that the cod is overcooked. But it's nice to know your kids and the "Godmother" love it :)

  9. elin: next time.. i take u there? :)

    stp: what is free is good, right? hahaha..

    eugene: i thought of going to those but after looking at the desserts, i changed my mind.. :)

    ken: right! hahaa..

    pam: i havent tried secret recipe before.. so i cannot say... i also dont like lambshank..

    simpleperson: near the Island Plaza.. on the way to Tanjung..

    sk: yeah.i think overpriced.. the rental there must be high!

    henry: 40rm.. :) yeah..pricey hor..

    son: thanks for your BIG treat too!!

    merryn: yeah.. overcooked.. i think i go there for desserts next time!

  10. Expensive and u pay for the place like that.

    Next time if you are in Penang and you want to try some good western food, my recommendation to try at JL Gourmet in Prangin mall or Mizzy Bistro @ New World Park.

    The prices are so affordable.

  11. The first two pasta plates are super.


  12. You are so cute in the last picture! This food looks like the best I have seen you post in a long time.Your daughter's I would LOVE!!

  13. Jessie, thanks for the information .

    Ginny the food here taste good but expensive a bit

  14. well..this place is overly popular

  15. I'm sure the price worth the taste..hehehe..

  16. The braised lambshank looks better than your Pan Seared Cod Fish. Thumbs Up for the food and Thumbs Down for the price.

  17. Wenn, I agree with u

    Alv: once a blue moon ok

    Irene: the fish a bit dry alteady

  18. RM40.90 for lambshank is expensive, since it is good and it was for his birthday. Ok la!

  19. Spaghetti carbonara my all time fav!!

  20. Mmmmm, nice lamb shank....look also become hungry liao!

  21. I dont find their food delicious...honestly. I would prefer Brussels... Look out for it when you next in Pg

  22. though i dont take lamb but i can see that the lamb shank here looks the best of all that you guys had!

  23. As long as the food are nice..worth to spend.


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