Saturday, April 21, 2012

Green Is For Soothing Not Envy

Do you like landscaping in your house? I do not mind having one but for me to manage, I put up a "white flag" and I cannot afford a gardener. That is why my house does not have any greens nor a nice garden to admire... in fact, mine is "bare!"

But when I visited my friend's house the other day, it was simply "soothing"... it is good for bloggers like me... after a hard's day work looking at the computer, it would be great to look at the greens just by opening the front door.....
What is this... I was thinking....
I am "hopeless" when it comes to greens...
Beautiful greens everywhere... 
minus the red, yellow and brown... hahaha... 


  1. me too...the ones i tanam sure die

  2. I'm like kucing - sure die also!!! LOL!!!

  3. Sure is nice to look at but if no gardener, must be disciplined and determined and dedicated - take good care every morning, every evening. My missus loves to plant...but usually, the interest does not last very long... :(

  4. I'd love to have a small manageable garden when I have my own house in the future.. Hehe.

  5. When the idea of mowing the grass every 9 days comes to my mind, I have no regrets on pouring concrete over the lawn. We even gave away the lawnmower and the shear.

  6. I don't like planting cos everything I plant will surely die. My hub loves and enjoy planting. He plants mostly vegetables.

  7. My home also covered with tiles outside.... no greens :p


Thank you, readers!

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