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Scholarship Interview

Till today my girl has not registered with any college yet but she will be attending two interviews, one next week and another one in early May.  This will be the first time for her and I pray that she will get the one that she wants.

Every now and then both of us check out this website for new scholarships.  Most of the scholarships require either STPM or A-levels results, this make me realize that doing Form Six is relevant to obtaining scholarships.  Form Five results are not as "sik heong" anymore.... but too bad... my girl is not into Form Six... she prefers to do her A levels instead...


  1. I really hope everything works out the way she wants, how close are the schools?

  2. 1 Dress decently - if possible, wear a plain and simple baju kurong (not those glittering ones with gaudy colours like you're going to appear on Hiburan Minggu Ini)...and wear shoes, not sandals, not slippers! No dyed hair...and long hair must be tied. You're going for an interview, not a party...

    2 Sit properly, good Be polite, greet people, say thank you...mind your p's and q's.

    3 Read up before going for the interview - possible questions but be prepared to talk about anything - they may ask you anything under the sun. Many beat around the bush to try and bluff their way through or show how shallow their mentality is...or how ignorant they are - kepala kosong!

    4 If in a group of 4-5 and you're the last one, the rest would have mentioned EVERYTHING about the topic given and you have nothing left to say! You may refer to their points and agree or disagree, elaborate or substantiate. It is about how you speak and how proficient you are in English - not how much you know.

    5 They may disagree or argue with you - you will need to (VERY NICELY) present your views to present your point of view. Many would be stumped...and sit there dumbfounded, looking stupid.

    6 Be diplomatic when addressing "sensitive" issues. At one interview, they asked me for my opinion about the position of the rulers - the agong, sultans and rajas.

    7 PRAY!!!

    Good luck, Fernie! Impress them!

  3. Good luck to your daughter.....! Be confidence..

  4. Good luck! what scholarship interview is she going for?

  5. Thank you for your wishes and comments..
    STP, thank you for your tips and how to-dos and not to-dos.. something new to us.. yes, i bought her a simple baju kurong already! :) Hope her shyness will vanish when she meets up with the interviewers...

  6. good luck to your daughter! don't be nervous.. I am sure she will be fine.. :D

  7. yeah, with the new curriculum, the STPM standard is going to drop & may not be accepted by overseas varsities. they keep changing education policies as if to un-educate the student!!

    all the best for the interviews.


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