Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Laptop Is Growing!

Am I "jinxed?" This is the second time I received a second-hand laptop from my sons...

Case number one... my son gave me his five year old Toshiba... when he handed it over to me, it was truly fine. After using for a twelve months, it refused to be switched on one fine day...

Case number two... my another son passed me his Dell (3 years old) and it was also truly fine when I took it from him. Well, in less than a month, see what I found when I switched the laptop on...
Two black lines appearing out of nowhere.....
and the lines are "growing taller" each day....
Any remedy for this??
Anyone experienced this before??


  1. LOL....the laptops "overworked" :p. Just joking.

    anyway. the black lines are cracks or like TV rosak kind of line? Maybe need to send to shop

  2. it's not crack but the screen pixel seems to have some dead pixel problem. If it doesnt bothers u then just leave as it since changing the whole screen might cost you rm300-500. Might as well get a new lappy :)

  3. I'm using my daughter's old laptop...ASUS, 5 years old - no problem leh? Touch wood....

  4. kathy: as u said,..maybe overworked la! or overheated.. hahaha...

    henry: is it due to overheating?

    stp: why do we parents seem to be using second hand laptops? :)

  5. haha too much blogging and FB :p

    looks like wear and tear over the years?

  6. disturbing to see the lines on the screen right? probably it's time to get yourself a new one lo..or an ipad!! :D

  7. Guess yr laptop overworked liaw. Yeah, when our kids get something new, sure the old one will be given to us, like my handphone, 2nd hand too. But as long as it is still usable, it should be alright.

  8. Looks like its time to buy a new one for mother's day :D

  9. recently there's a single red line on the left side of my laptop. It's still here but no problem at all.

  10. trekking your blog!!! that's what happend to our camera. the black ones are liquid. it will spread throughout the screen if napabayaan lang daw.


  11. kristie: blogging u mean.. hehee..

    agnes: sometimes blocking certain words..

    irene: we are always the hand-down people! hahha..

    daniel: hinting ma...

    wenn: mine is here on the right..

    icegurl: hope not that serious..

  12. Must be the LCD. Yes, it's time for you to get a new laptop :). How about getting one of those tablets?


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