Tuesday, April 3, 2012

JPA Scholarships 2012 No More For SPM?

I heard that this year the JPA (Public Services Department) is not giving out any scholarships to SPM leavers.  Hence, my girl cannot apply unless she takes Form Six or A-levels, leaving no choice, she now has to apply to private colleges or universities.

Saying the word Private means having to fork out own money for tuition fees, accommodation and food... all these "sendirian berhad"  (Own limitations)

I used to tell my girl that if she scores good results, she can get a scholarship from the Government to pursue her studies locally or overseas... she took my word for that... and I was wrong... Now that she has scored, it is back to square one... we have to pay ourselves... scholarships are difficult to obtain, competition is too tight... anyway, we hope that she will be able to...

This year those going to Form Six are starting on a new module system, following the "semester-style" like those in private colleges.  But how the syllabus are, we do not know.. this year will be the first time ever... (so-called guinea pig year)  I have encouraged my girl to go to Form Six but she declined....

Well, I guess we just have to wait and see... meanwhile, we apply whatever scholarship that comes our way.....

P/S : Just now I was surfing, I found this article saying that JPA might reconsider giving scholarship to SPM leavers.. Here is the article.


  1. Eh... no idea... i tot still offering?

  2. yea. JPA no more. lots of my friend cant apply too. sad case

  3. that's a harsh one from the government. pity the SPM students.

  4. Our government getting poorer...

  5. cleff: i think offering to stpm...

    camy: maybe it is for the better.. less funds used?

    anne: they are encouraging form 6..

    simpleperson: u might be right... :)

  6. Well, we have yet to find out how the modular system will turn out to be. Be attending the meeting soon. By then, should be able to get a better picture of how the assessment is carried out. For Mathematics, students are required to produce some courseworks, something like a mini research. That's ok as it prepares students for university. Will keep you updated with the latest news on the modular system.

  7. Thank you Pam, I need to know more but then I think my girl has made up her mind not to go form 6.. sigh..

  8. look for MCA..*just kidding* why she's not keen on form six?

  9. doubt they will really withdraw the scholarship. but seriously form 6 is a good experience. not too sure how it would be with the new syllabus / format though.

  10. Ya...read somebody's update on Facebook. Seems they're offering the scholarship after all. Must have had pressure from certain quarters - those spineless people never stick to their decisions.

    Yes, they're having the modular system in Form 6 now - just like what they're having for A-levels in the colleges and universities...and it is A LOT easier.

    Honestly, I wonder why they must make things easier - should make it harder...to upgrade the dropping standard of education and let only the best survive!

  11. P.S.
    Look on the bright side! If she does Form 6, you will have her by your side for two more years...by which time, Andy would have graduated and (hopefully) come home. Isn't that nice? Fernie may not be that keen on the idea though... Hehehehehe!!!!

  12. I am so sorry about this, to work so hard and then have this happen...is she very disappointed?

  13. wishing her a path to the degree-

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral


  14. lena: i guess peer pressure..

    blurkit: lets wait and see.. yes, i think form 6 should be good but...

    stp: u and i think like that.. but these young people, they want to taste college life fast!

    ginny: she was quite disappointed but then has to accept it..

    cloudia: thank you...

  15. Claire, go to the website on April 9th. All the best to Fernie and hope she gets it. Rgds, KG

  16. I support the idea of studying in Form 6. Form 6 is not as scary as what they think.

  17. Yeah, I think now they are giving to A-Levels and Form 6 students. Form 6 is good. Students are more mature.

  18. I thought they are still offering Scholarships? I guess not anymore huh! :/

  19. yan: dont know why nowadays they dont like form 6.. those days my time, so difficult to go in ...

    kitty: that is what i think too..

    tekkaus: April 9 they will announce..

    KG: thanks for the info.. do keep in touch..

  20. Your daughter can actually get full scholarship from TARC without going through any interview. She can study A-Level over there. TARC does offer full scholarship to those who achieve 9A's & above in SPM. I hope my information helps you.

  21. I dont understand why our government would actually pity SPM students. I thought last year the government said PSD would be given to those who have completed Pre-U. But now, they gave 1.6K of student scholarship. Why do they say something and do something else... Hope, they would actually consider what there are talking. Just completed SAM with good result, but i guess is all returning back to ground zero again.


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