Sunday, April 1, 2012

POTS-1 In AEON Jusco Station 18, Ipoh

As I have mentioned in my yesterday's post that I received a prize for answering a correct answer, I feel it is appropriate that I should give some "free advertisement" back to this company.

We enjoyed walking in and out of the shops outlets in the AEON Jusco Station 18... my girl and I practically "oohhh"... "ahhhh"... "nice?"  "wanna buy?"  "cheap!" ... to our own amusement!

Before long we entered POTS-1, there was a DJ at the corner of the shop, we didn't realize it at first and he was like asking questions about the promotions and offers...  no one came forward to answer until prompted by the salespersons.  One lady customer answered and she got a POTS-1 bag with something inside. easy to answer one!  Then not wanting to be left out, I waited for the next question to come....

It did... he asked, "What do you get when you buy RM220 over in Pots-1 and how much is it worth?"  Quickly I went over and answered...."An executive bag"... then he told me to look at the banner... oh, it was a traveling bag... hahahaha.... Well, executive bag, traveling bag, they sure look alike to me!!"  hahahahaa....
a lovely grey shawl.... free from POTS-1
Just in time to wear to church last evening... 


  1. Ooooo...that's a lovely shawl, so elegant. I wonder how much one like that would cost. Lucky you, congrats!!!

  2. Wah, so Leng lui ar? Nice shawl. Good win.D

  3. stp: what is free is nice.. lol...

    quaypo: must be thick skinned a bit to win.. hahaa..

  4. congratz yo! lovely shawl there! :)

  5. Just went to Aeon today Claire. Crowded but quite a nice mall to shop!

  6. I like your elegant look. You look great in the Pashmina shawl.

  7. it takes gut to answer it..congrats!

  8. ren: yes, i can wear it to work too.. :)

    hayley: today must be crowded..
    sunday and also ching beng..

    pam: thanks.. i seldom take shawl actually..

    wenn: yeah yeah!! hahaa..

  9. that looks really a nice one that they are giving away! you look great on it!!

  10. Hi Claire, How are you??? Haven't heard from you in awhile--so just stopping by to say HI... Looks like you are doing great. Congrats on winning that gorgeous shawl.... AWESOME...


  11. The shawl is very beautiful...and the wearer too

  12. Surely it is a nice place top shop right? :p

  13. Wrong answer also they gave you this beautiful grey pashmina. It is indeed lovely.

  14. lena: serious? :p

    ling: free is nice! :)

    foong: yeah..nice shawl..

    betsy: thanks!

    kathy: at last! hahaa..

    tekkaus: at leaset bigger la!

    yan: they told me the answer can be found on banner! hahaa..

  15. wow, such a big mall. my cousin who stays nearby said it was impossible to go home the past few days due to the jam :) nice gift you got there. are there any nice shops in this new mall?

  16. Nice shawl. Congratulations. So lucky.

  17. congras on your win:D

    AEON Station 18 looks good. Was there the last 2 weeks before the opening and I noted the retail names there are good.

  18. barb: The Jusco in Ipoh Garden has so few shops unlike the new mall...
    Yes, to me, the shops there are pretty cool.. :p...

    irene: yeah.. some more.. :)

    blurkit: wow.. 2 weeks before? so when is your next trip? they have lots of promotions now..

  19. wah, new shopping mall opens and you just couldn't wait to go there to "borong" things huh?? haha, nice shawl.. :)


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