Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finally A Dell To Call Her Own

On behalf of yours truly, Andy booked (not bought) a Dell laptop online for her sister last week and it was delivered within eight working days... (initially I wrote "bought", wrong interpretation :)
it came together with a backpack...
just nice for her to take along to college...
One look at this and you know it belongs to a female...
the colour is very familiar..
yes, same colour with my car...
She is now a proud owner of her first laptop...
Hope she utilizes it more for her studies 
instead of Facebook! 
A gift from her brother, Andy....
A wireless mouse... 
He didn't buy one... but TWO...
One for his sister and one of course for Yours Truly here...
Thank you, Andy!

I am owning a wireless mouse for the first time!
Well....I hope one day I will own my first Laptop too!  
*hint, hint!*


  1. So nice, the brother. You've got such wonderful children, Claire - all loving and caring. You've raised them up well.

    Try asking to find out if the internet connection there is good or not. Otherwise, she may need her own external modem for internet my girl, her place there, terrible!

  2. psst .. now can use smart phone to fb.. kekekeke

  3. I kept asking myself what my own brother had given me all these years. Then I got the answer: One RM50 banknote. Mind you, that was the one and only thing I got from him, back in year 1999... An owner of a factory, a shophouse, a showroom, a semi-D... had once donated 'generously' to his only sister. Haha

  4. wow.....uiks...i thought your new laptop

  5. stp: yeah, the connection there is not strong, cant blame them cos so many students using.. so most prob will get her a modem..

    pam: if he reads this, tomorrow he might add in a few zeros to that note.. hahaha..

    kathy: i m using the dell with 2 lines...hahaha..

    simpleperson: she already done that.. :)

  6. Wow... that was nice :) How's the spec actually?

  7. me too..I only hv hands on laptop but my kids have their own brand new laptop..I hv yet to buy for my girl.

  8. must give him a stronger hint, say you need to blog from the kitchen, from the bed, from the hall.. lol! hence need a laptop

  9. So nice of Andy. I really admire your family. Such strong bond and very loving. :)

  10. My previous laptop was also a Dell and I was pleased with it.


  11. He is very generous and very very thoughtful, a good son and brother! The computer is beautiful.

  12. It will be some years before my little brat will have a chance to own his own laptop. For now, he is happy with my old junk (cos he dont know its a junk) .hehehee.

    Is your young lady excited??

  13. Gor gor sayang ur daughter more than u wor...ehehheeh but dont worry. i m sure a surprise will be given to u soon...;)

  14. hahahaha did he read ur blog? =p
    btw how much is it? im looking to buy one too!

  15. Andy is indeed a great son and a very caring brother.

  16. DELL has treated me very well over the years and I wish the same for your family!

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>

  17. hahaha... I re-read what I wrote.. I think I have written wrongly... what I meant was.. Andy booked and not bought the Dell online.. booked on behalf of me ... sorry, folks.. wrong mis-interpretion.. lol..

  18. Claire, You are blessed to have such a thoughtful son. He knows how to take care of his younger sister. I felt touched.

  19. The Dell laptop looks cool and so are the two "tikus".


Thank you, readers!

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