Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mini Egg Tarts In Carnarvon Street, Penang

Now that we have discovered this authentic shop selling mini-sized oven-freshed egg tarts, we will not miss buying them whenever we visit Penang. This shop is along Carnarvon Street Penang and it is manned by an elderly couple plus a middle-aged man as seen in the pictures below.

When we reached their shop, there were no egg tarts yet, the man told us to come half an hour later... they don't accept "booking" cos the tarts are very fast sold out there and then....

After our Kimberley Street breakfast, we swiftly walked to the shop again, the timing was just nice..  we saw one tray of these mini egg tarts on the table, fresh from the oven!
Uncle Ah Pek told us to wait for a couple of minutes....
Guess what he is doing....
he was "fanning" the mini tarts using a manual fan...
Father and son, I think.... 
crispy hot egg tarts.. 
Taking the orders... 
this man in helmet bought 50 pieces.. 
We ordered 20 only.... 
all finished within a day!
Besides their fresh egg tarts, they have these for sale too...
The sesame balls from this post were bought from here...
All fresh and good....
oh by the way, the egg tarts cost 40sen each!
Cheap, right? 

Guang Zhou Bakery


  1. Are the egg tarts really nice? Wow! The price is cheap indeed! : )

  2. That's Guangzhou bakery. They not only sell mini egg tarts but also the common type with normal sizes. I pilgrimage that stall very time I go to Penang.

  3. I always like food tat in mini size..
    One shot put in d

  4. both father and soon are already so old. where is the grandson?

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  5. foong: yes.. 40 sen for 2 bites.. :)

    pam: got big ones too?? I didnt know that.. next time must try...

    simpleperson: me too.. dont like giant pieces.. hahaha...

    fish: not sure son or not.. i think so only..

  6. I want to eat egg tarts now! Claire, you are making me suffer here...haha. That must be the smallest egg tarts I have ever seen!

  7. nice..can just pop into our mouth.

  8. They all look so good, is this place close to you? Why was he fanning them?

  9. I would love to try these...and all the things they have there. Btw, what happened to your bloglinks? Don't see anymore in the left column?

  10. The egg tart looks good....

  11. All the fried stuffs looks good. Mini egg tart looks cute and nice too. The shop looks ancient, but I know ancient shop serves better food.

  12. i think i have been there before. Pusing pusing a few round baru found kakakaka

  13. Looks nice the mini egg tarts and also so cheap.

  14. daniel: they tasted good too!

    mary: small tarts more work, right?

    ginny: cos he wanted to make them cool down fast..

    stp: yeah, i removed them earlier.. now will do it back.

    mery: yes, they tasted good too!

    yan: yes.. i prefer that too..

    kathy: i also pusing-ed hahaa...

    nikel: indeed they are...

    irene: small actually but where to get 40sen nowadays! :)

  15. wahh...they really look delicious! I bet is not easy to find this place rite?

  16. Ling: very near to Penang road.. easy to find actually..

  17. 40 cents each is really cheap, can't find anyway for such a cheap price. I heard food in Penang are very cheap, is that true?

  18. hey! can you still rmb the 'correct' time when u got those tarts?^^


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