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A Mom With Simple Taste

ACTUALLY I am a very simple eater... times when I do not post up outside food, those drooling and tempting food, that means I am just having a simple meal at home... so simple that many of us do not find them appetizing at all.

This evening I came home after 7pm and since it was quite late, I was too lazy to go to my mum's place for dinner.... I made my own DIY meal that is contradicting to the food posts I put up normally...

I have 5 eggs in my fridge... expensive eggs... just look at that.. hahaha....
Looks like the mouth is missing...
my faithful mug....
filled with quaker oats!
my dinner for tonight....
chomp! chomp!!
Wanna show my kids what their mom takes 
when they are not here with me.... 
Save hard for the money....ahem...ahem....


  1. cham not around u have to take care of yourself more. Make sure eat enough. Dont skimp till gastric.

  2. kathy, mana boleh go hungry... i am very wai sik one... :)

  3. I can take egg sandwich everyday! But pls.. the oats... urgh...

  4. Next time order pizza and eat in front of the tv.. My treat.. Eat well mum :D

  5. merryn: oats for cutting down my cholesterol ... hahaha.. .now i m addicted to it.. a hot drink is what i love..

    andy: hehehe... so nice of you!! i will surely remember this offer!!

  6. Most of the time i have my dinner that way also.. N sometimes just have a drink... Unfortunately nvr loose any kgs.. Lol

  7. I LOVE fried eggs, so this looks really good to me! Now tell...what else do you put on the sandwich, only the eggs? Eggs are so nutritious and full of protein, and quick and easy to fix.

  8. simple but nice. why's the egg expensive? did you go for the ones with those omega's thingie in it? hehe..

    have a nice day Claire!

  9. Claire... u use massimo bread? Looks like massimo. =D

  10. That is actually a very healthy meal and if you continue eating more of it, you will live longer! All that is missing from it is some fruit. Otherwise, next time add in some carrot & celery sticks, or cucumbers & tomatoes......seriously!

  11. Haha! I like that sunny side up! Love eggs no matter how they are cooked! I sometimes just eat oats for dinner! Haha!! And sandwiches with scrambled eggs are nice!

  12. Simple meals can be nice too. I know I always post lotsa good food in fb, and same as you, do not post those simple meals. My simple meal at home could be just plain congee with canned chinese olive shreads or canned choy sum, and a cube of fu yee, or rice with a fried egg and a steamed lap cheong. Yummy too! :)

    Would be sad if you skipped meals and end up having gastric. ;s

  13. Wah!!! You fry two eggs at one go. I wonder if I can do that - I always do it one by one. LOL!!!

    Empty nest now eh? No'll get used to it.

  14. Even when I was in UTP, my mother made simple meals at home ("too lazy to cook more complicated dishes just for two persons lah" she said). My father was always happy whenever I am home because my mother would cook more "scrumptious" meals - my mother always complains how my father made it sound as if she wasn't giving my dad enough to eat. Now that I'm studying abroad... erm... I don't want to think about it. HAHAHA...

  15. the eggs are good looking.. and I usually top with soya sauce and pepper while frying... and also 'giap' bread to eat... hehehe...

  16. I m even simpler. Just eggs only for dinner or sometimes..i just go to bed earlier.

  17. Never mind lah,, once a while simple simple also good ma, you always eat good good outside,, it is time to let your tummy relax lah..

  18. Yes, me too. Simple eater. As long the food is edible, I can accept it.

  19. For a change, it it good. Simple but best.

  20. I may be weird, I like to eat this type of meals than outside good food.

  21. This is one of my favorite sandwiches. Simple and nice! espcially if I add some tomato sauce and mayo, and I toast the bread first hehe

  22. Same here Claire. I did the same thing like you except I have one extra HAM slice...ehhehehhe

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. cath: chinese saying.. eating is prosperity!

    ginny: i dont have any greens at home.. so it was just eggs and bread! :)

    isaac: whatever! hahaha..

    cleff: yes, I love massimo!

    mg: wahh...seems i miss a lot of good stuff inside!

    foong: yeah, i tot of doing scrambled eggs.. but lazy to wait cos hungry!

    stp: my non stick pan big enough ma.. so can go 2 or 3 eggs at one shot... lazy people is like that one.. hahaa...

    henry: same scenerio here.. more people, nicer dishes.. that is life! hahaha..

  25. chubs: i didnt know that till i saw the photo!! hahah..

    cyn: i put the pak yau after that.. :)

    rachel: oh gosh, without eating?? i think i could never sleep...

    eugene: i seldom eat good food one.. cos most of the days, I eat at home... :)

    rose: once awhile too.. every day rice also bosan a bit.. :)

    yee ling: next time i better stock up some ham and vege!!

    grace: nice eh... with all those stuffing!

  26. irene: i agree with you!

    yan: not weird, actually we eat more at home than outside... :)

  27. i know sometimes it just difficult to cook just for person eating :)

  28. Yummy I love egg sandwich, so delicious, I am a simple eater too, I am not so picky about food nowadays.

  29. lena: yeah, might as well tar pau, right?

    libby: one day i must add in some stuffings to make it nicer to eat!

  30. I love the way you eat, just like the way i'm eating!! Roti kiap eggs!! Yum yum.. oats also not bad.. janji perut not kosong sudah ^_^


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