Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Travel With Comfort

It has been more than two years since Aaron came back from Europe and he still wish to go again this year, not alone but bringing us along with him as well.  How much will that be if the four of us are to tour round Europe?  Of course, we have to pick and choose where we want to go, we cannot be touring the whole of Europe at one go!

While Aaron was doing his internship in Florence, Italy, he has gone to several places and he strongly encouraged us to go there as well.  It is very convenient to move around in Europe, transportation is not a problem and their rates are very reasonable by tubes and coaches.  Accommodation is also not a problem, we do not need to go to 5 or 6 stars hotel, all we need is a clean and pleasant place to put up the night.  There are many online websites to assist us in terms of cheap flights and lodging.  Some of the travel websites have great deals throughout the year, from cheap flights to exclusive resorts, you can just take your pick.  There are so many places which you can choose from too, all you need is to confirm where you want to go and everything is there for your selection, flights, hotel, transport and whatever information you need about traveling, you can find out all the details from their website.
Aaron traveling around during his three months internship....

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