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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We Ate Raw Fish In Kampar

Have Food Will Travel, I thought of changing my header theme to these four words...what do you think? Suits someone like me, right? You name the food and the place and I will go find them... hahaha...

Alright, back to my travel food post, this time we traveled forty five minutes to a small town Kampar where UTAR and KTAR are situated.  A five minutes drive from these two colleges will bring you to a old town, Kampar where the food adventure begins...
Part of the food gang..... 
The Three Generation... hahaha...
My niece led the way actually.... 
she knows her way around here..
This is the shop where the food galore begins...
we ordered one bowl of laksa to try...
since we heard so much about it... 
RM4.00, super cheap!
I ordered some condiments to go with the laksa noodles..
Must order these too... "char yuen"
Fried prawn balls...
claypot yee mee (dried style) 
my niece told us that this "mui choy pau" is nice...
first time trying... it is fine...
something different from our barbecue dumplings..
ice kacang for me...
for lovers of "tien kai", I recommend this...
only RM4.00 per bowl or RM3.80 (1.25usd)

this is also a MUST for porridge lovers..
eat them raw with the porridge..
the fish are very thinly sliced and fresh...
No fishy smell whatsoever....
She likes it... Pure Delight!  :)
I wouldn't mind going there once day... 


  1. A big NO!!NO!! to raw fish and toad.

  2. rm4 for toad porridge?? that's extreme cheap! mind to tell where's the food galore located? thks!

  3. irene: hahahaa....

    jen: Kampar is a small town.. it is near to the bus station.. :)

  4. I missed having those laksa!

  5. I only eat sashimi but not raw fish with porridge. No wasabi to kill the germs -.-

  6. Wow I dunno kampar got so many things to eat...
    I tot it only got kampar fish ball noodles onli..
    D mui choi pau best la...
    Then d char yuen also best best....
    Next time when I go back Ipoh shall stop at kampar for lunch......

  7. Wah! Eat raw fish with porridge? Safe or not? Scared food poisoning! Have been hospitalized twice for eating raw oysters so have phobia! Only dare eat sashimi only in reputable Japanese restaurants LOL!

  8. Wahhh.....i really love the dry version yee mee and the ice kacang. so many good food!

  9. kristy: i miss it too.. :)

    merryn: wasabi kills germs one? oh, i didnt know that..

    simpleperson: not on the main roads.. if not mistaken, near to the bus station. :)

    foong: come to think of it, geli hor..

    yeeling: i also like the yee mee..

  10. Some of this food looks very different from the kind you usually show. But I would never be brave enough to eat raw fish!!! Was it good?

  11. Raw fish? You had umai at my house in Sibu - that's raw fish too...but toad? You mean frog? I hear toads are poisonous...and they sure look a lot uglier.

    I would love that pao!!! I love paos...big, big, meaty ones.... LOL!!! (Don't let your imagination run wild now, eh? Muahahahaha!!!)

  12. P.S.
    Eat raw fish like that one kah? Porridge hot enough to cook it or not. Then fish must be very very fresh or else sure ceret one. At least, umai has lime juice or vinegar - the acidity will cook it, so very safe to eat.

  13. Yummy!
    Good luck to the young wife & husband

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>

  14. Oh, I just love 'sang yue chook'. I have a special way in eating the fish slices. I immerse the fish slices in the piping hot porridge for 5 seconds and make a swirling action round the porridge. The fish slices will be partially cooked while retaining its juiciness.

  15. thinly sliced fish goes well with hot porridge..yummy

  16. i have never try to eat raw fish with porridge! but the raw fish look so fresh eh! :D

  17. The Thin Kai chook really cheap wor. Here RM4 if ask the taukeh RM4 ka, the taukeh will laugh till drop into longkang

  18. That is a nice place to eat. We tried to eat there whenever we go back since I am from kampar.. Behind this restaurant is a row of little shops as well. Did u order the laksa from there. I have been eating his laksa for over 20 years. There is also another store next to the laksa that sells beef noodles. Excellent. I practically grew up with them. Can still remember the good old days when they were located under a huge tree just opposite my church, the kampar gospel hall. We will definitely have one whenever we have our youth meetings then. All this talking makes me want to go back for another Makan Makan trip.

  19. I like raw fish porridge!must be really fresh one!

  20. When it is fresh, I love raw fish.


  21. i dont mind eating raw fish like that..provided the porridge is really really boiling hot! that frog porridge also sounds quite cheap!


Thank you, readers!