Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pre-Wedding Buffet In Jelapang

Last weekend Aaron flew back to Ipoh and he was "blessed" with a pre-wedding dinner that was held on Saturday.  Though he could not make it to the wedding dinner held in the restaurant, nevertheless, he told us that at least he could still enjoyed the wedding eve's dinner which was held in the bride's house, one night before the wedding day.
at the bride's house....
Happy mingling...
when it comes to food, there will be cameras...
time to "dig in!"
there were lots of food... mostly home made....
home made Jelapang famous Tau-Foo (beancurd with fish paste)
what are these called?  Dumplings with "singkuang"
Jelapang's famous curry chicken with thick gravy...
fried noodles...
right outside the house...
abundant fish balls....
rojak, desserts... (didn't manage to capture all)
It was certainly a night of food glorious food!


  1. i'll be happy bear if i am there!

  2. seems like you having lots of dinner/luncheon...
    i love to attend those pre-wedding dinner.. can talk and chat a bit..
    during wedding day is difficult to chat...

  3. angelbear: i m sure you will be.. do come over one day!

    simpleperson: it has been umpteen years since I last went for one...

  4. Tofu!! curry chicken!! i love! is there a stall in jelapang very famous for its tofu?

  5. Oh I like that curry chicken.....

  6. lena: these are home cooked.. but i heard there is a shop selling very nice tofu in town..

    angelin: me too!

  7. Maybe it will not be too long before Aaron will be having his own wedding meals!! Then grandchildren, you have so much to look forward to!

  8. Wah!!!!! Now, when will you host Aaron's? You invite me or not? LOL!!!

  9. That one taking photos of the food, a blogger too?

  10. I always enjoy the 'lao tiah' night. There will usually be plenty of food and happy faces around.

  11. I love this type of buffet more than restaurant dishes. Lots of food that I like.

  12. Brother and sister wearing red and white.

    I love buffet style...can eat my fav as much as I want! hehe

  13. togetherwesave: thanks!!

    ginny: when the time comes, hope u can make it to the wedding.. hahaa..

    stp: what do u think?? how could i dare not to invite U! hahahaa...
    the one taking pic has a blog but it is on technology.. not food.. hahaa..

    pam: so it is called lao tiah? wedding shower.. right?

    yan: yeah, esp home cooked ones..

    wenn: yes!!

    mnhl: yes, without feeling embarassed...

  14. i actually prefer these type of pre-wedding dinners held at home compared the the hotel/ restaurants proper wedding dinner. Less fuss, informal, more family, more noise, full of warmth, and so much more fun :-)

  15. Love the curry & fish balls. Prefer buffet style, can eat as many rounds as we like, hehehe.

  16. Looking at those foods..they are all my favo food...really feel hungry now.


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