Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why Me?

I never seen such an unethical man!

This afternoon during lunch time, Elin and I were enjoying our food in the coffeshop, chatting happily...
then we saw a couple walked in... a man in his fifties... well, nothing unusual about that except .... when he started to sneeze..... and guess what??  He sneezed RIGHT into our direction...where the food, Our fruits, Our drinks were on the table! 

And the best thing is...he had a tissue in his hand and he was not using it to cover his mouth.  Maybe he wanted to save it for cleaning his mouth after his meal!  So disgusted both of us were and we kept staring at him, I think he knew what he did was wrong cos he looked at us but he didn't apologise.

Gosh... this man ought to go back to school to learn about manners!

Ok... to cut story short..... Guess who "captured" his Virus?   ME!!  I am having a cold now.... if not for this cold, I wouldn't be complaining about him here, would I? 

Conclusion:  This proved that my immunity system is very low.... it only takes a Sneeze!


  1. Shoot! Didnt say sorry though in wrong. bet he is one of those that likes to shout too. simply shout at people to leaps Geram type. lucky he tarak shout at you when u stare back at him for being inconsiderate.

  2. So disgusting and not even an apology... *shakes head*

  3. Aijor....u shud not eat those food jor.

  4. kathy: he sneezed not shouted... maybe he likes to share his virus around! aiksss!!

    inspiredmom: very unhealthy gesture... at least cover with hand if no tissue and the best thing is the tissue was at hand...

    yeeling: even we dont eat, the virus might be flying around our faces! :)

  5. Please don't tell me that you continued eating your food after it got contaminated by the virus... so disgusting.

  6. oh dear..don't forget your Fitline Basics

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. no not to chew. take care & get well soon.

  9. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! You are too sweet, I think I would have said something to him!! But I would not have eaten the food anymore after that, did you? I hope you feel better soon!

  10. Oh dear!!! Take care now, get well soon... Ya, old cars, sure tend to get problems one. Must jaga carefully... I take cordycep capsules - good for cough (and colds)...and I keep taking regularly for general well-being. Can buy at Chinese drugstores. Good ones around RM90 a bottle.

  11. Gosh poor you! I hope that by now, you would have taken some meds and are feeling better. Cold remedy, I swallow vit C 1000mgs.

    Unfortunately, we still have many people around with low social etiquettes. I had to endure someone's highly foul feet today just because he decided to "air" his feet in the meeting room. Not being shy, I caught his attention and pointed downwards. That did the trick.

    Get well soon! :)

  12. pam: virus cannot be seen.. i was eating half way.. thinking back, disgusting hor?

    gigi: it was indeed!

    wenn; no more liow! :)

    bananaz: oh oh, i better add u back.. lost my bloglist!

    ginny: thanks! now still sneezing..

    gratitude: i took 2000mg.. hahaa..

    stp: yeah, please remind me i m an old engine.. overhaul also cannot one.. hahahaa.. can just maintain..

  13. Poor Claire, hope you'll be fine soon. So, is Elin infected too? haha.... You ladies should ask him to pay for the vitamin C the next time you bump into him.
    Take care & get more rest.

  14. after he sneeze you all still continue to eat? =S
    anyway get well soon kay!! ;)

  15. Get well soon, Claire.

  16. Claire, if I were you I would have send the balance of the food to him and tell him he can have it and it is paid for. This type of people needed to embarrassed into knowing how disgusting he was. Hope you feel better soon.

  17. kristy: old engine like that one.. little bit not ngam, sure kena.. :))

    henry: hoping no virus ma.. leong pok..

    irene: thank you.

    quaypo: dare not wor.. nanti he wallop me there and then how? but all i could do was to stare at him! not leng chai also never mind..just a disgusting stare..

  18. My gosh...that man is so horribly rude!!! I would have vomited right in front of him. So sorry to hear that you are down with flu again. Yes, I think I agree with you that your immune system is low as to catch it so quickly. Maybe you can try freshly made carrot and apple juice. It's very refreshing, delicious, nutritious and immune-boosting. Lots of my friends who drink it regularly say that they hardly get flu and if they ever catch it, they recover very quickly without medication. Hope you will give it a try and hope you recover soon. Take care. Hugs.

  19. Thanks for the tips, Mary... I really must start to keep fit and healthy by drinking fresh juices.. I think I will bring my fruit processor to the office rather than keeping it at home! :)

  20. you should be taking lots of vitamin C if you think that your immune system is low...

    or perhaps adopt my kid's food choice

  21. oo boy you still eat the food?
    Well regular exercise and take fruits daily.. make you healthy and drink lots of water due to the crazy hot weather...

  22. Aiyor, you shouldn't have taken the food lah! See what happens now? Saving a few ringgit, you end up miserably now!

    Take some anti-histamine, put some Vicks on your nose and chest and please see the doc to take medicine. And lots of sleep, pls.

  23. momfrommanila: thanks for info..

    simpleperson: yes, i lack eating fresh fruits..

    jessie: yes, mam..yes, mam... :)


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