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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thomas Cup Or American Idol 2012?

I have been glued to the TV since 7pm... watching Malaysia badminton players belting out with China and losing in all the three games.... well, as expected, we are no match against the China players, they are always one class above our own players...  kind of sad watching our players losing.... (I am a poor loser, I guess.. )

So "glued" to the TV that I missed the American Idol finale... haiyah!  I missed the 7pm live and now I got to wait until 11.45pm to watch Jessica Sanchez and Philip Philips perform their 3 songs....
The Two Finalists

Actually I did not follow much of this year AI... what I am more interested in is Scotty McCreery!  A special performance from the American Idol Season 10 winner!  Hope I can keep myself awake by then... lol...
Can't wait to see his performance...


  1. Young hearthrob always wins the heart of the ladies.

  2. This year I did not follow American idol...
    Kinda sien after d heavy weight judge quit d show..

  3. pam: i think the girl will win this year...

    simpleperson: I think i know who u mean.. :)

  4. You didn't follow this season's American Idol? I think this season has the best talents! Rooting for Jessica - at least give Asian a chance to win : )

  5. Sanchez will win! She got powerhouse voice!

  6. Gosh, he looks a bit like Clay Aiken! Tomorrow a new talent show premieres "Duet" with Kelly Clarkson hosting.

  7. American Idol's at 6...and then at 8...or you can go to any of the websites and see the video clips of ALL the performances. No need to sit in front of the TV and suffer...watching all the advertisements, the same ones, after every song! Tsk! Tsk!

    Thomas Cup, no repeat...sebab Malaysia kalah. Otherwise, you will see it on TV again...and again...and again...and again...

  8. I hardly have the time to watch tv..

  9. Long time I have missed watching american who is the winner?

  10. I can't wait to watch AI too ! Stay tuned tonight LOL! No baking then day for me :p

  11. foong: she has lost.. :(

    chris: disappointed or not?

    ginny: we dont have that here yet..

    stp: tonight will watch.. last night, my eyes couldnt tahan..

    wenn: yes, i understand :)

    merryn: u watch the pc more.. hehee..

    elin: now u know who won, right?

  12. No Datuk Lee, Thomas Cup is not a hits anymore.

  13. yan, habis cerita, the group can pack up and come home already...

  14. Scotty sang last night (finale), not tonight (result show)... Didn't think he sounded great... :(


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