Thursday, June 28, 2012

Best Of Both Worlds?

How am I coping?

This is the question I am often asked these days.... my answer is "So far, I am still fine..."

Life is slightly different... a month ago, my routine has changed, especially towards the evening.  Nowadays I spend more time facing two "Square Boxes"... one Big and one smaller in size... my two eyes will be facing my faithful laptop and my two ears will be listening to the Chinese drama showing on Astro....

On some evenings, I will take dinner with my siblings and on other days, I eat out with my friends.  I am beginning to feel that it is back to the good old days when I was still "single" but when it comes to weekends, it is totally different... I am a mother again....

Am I having the best of both worlds?  I got to console myself with that.......

Husbands, love your wives...
Wives, submit to your husbands....
Do treasure your time together .....


  1. Sooner or later, you will get used to being alone in the house, in your own room or perhaps cooking for yourself. While the routine of life on weekdays can be quite uninteresting, there will be more anticipation when the weekends draw nearer. Kids are coming home, more joy and laughter. Though this hardly lasts more than 2 days, it is good enough to compensate the dullness you get on the five boring working days. Have a nice weekend ahead. :)

  2. It's too bad your husband passed away at such a young age. Now, you are experiencing empty nest syndrome, with the kids gone. With my older daughter married and the younger daughter studying on the mainland, I am alone quite a bit. Hubby is home in the evenings but likes to spend lots of time at the gym, too, so I don't see him that much. That's why I love to blog!!!

  3. Pam, I am getting used to it... nowadays spending more time with my mom and siblings.. having dinner together with them is regular now and I like it too! :) but when weekend comes, it will be different type of noise.. :)

  4. gigi, I guess each of us have to experience this one day, somehow or rather.. do treasure the one beside you....

  5. Everybody will come to this stage. It is good you spend more time with your Mum and siblings.

  6. *BIG HUG*. hope it wun be my turn so soon... my boy is also growing up very, very fast, and these days, whenever he goes school... I feel like a college kid again. o.O I need to keep myself busy to get my head off things these days. *SIGH*

  7. So near. At least they can come back on weekends and very regularly...

    Hey!!! Now that you have lots of vacant rooms, I can drop by Ipoh for a visit and stay at your house FOC...

  8. quaypo: yeah, i m my mom's kid again.. hahahaa...

    cleff: hey, you long way to go la! hahaaha..wait till he is in secondary then only time will travel fast! :)

    stp: yes, they do come back weekend... so that is why.. weekdays, i m my mom's kid and when they come back, i m their mom.. hahaha...
    lots of vacant rooms? hahaha.. wish i have a mansion.. if u say humble room, then no problem la! hahaha...

  9. great that you think positive and able to cope with it... :D Happy weekend!

  10. Always think positively.....spending time with your mom and siblings are good.....I love doin it.

  11. well, i think you've been thinking positively.. you may be physically alone but mentally you are always a daughter, a mother, a wife and later on - great great grandmother, haha!! stay happy~~ :)

  12. my square box is my phone. i prefer not to watch tv. sleep or internet...hiak!

  13. The two square box are also my favourite item in the house too! You are a very positive person. Have a good weekend.

  14. Don't worry, you'll get used to it. At least you're spending time more with your Mum and sibling.:)

  15. Cheer up, Claire. At least you have your mum and siblings to eat dinner together during weekdays and your kids coming back during weekends. Big hug to you.

  16. You will get used to it. Like me, I am getting used to be alone with my kids in the evening while hubby work late or having night out. Hahha! But on weekend, we still stick to the Family Day no matter what.

    At least you have 2 squares where as I do not have priviledge to tv. I get used to not watching tv anymore. hahaha!

  17. cyn: Happy weekend to you too!!

    mery: free makan.. hahaha.. :))

    sk: great quote! yeah.. stay happy and healthy...

    rachel: u r so kwai kwai!!

    kitty: thanks!!

    yeeling: i know u do!

    carolyn: yeah... keeping each other occupied..

    irene: *hug you back* :))

    rose: no TV? actually come to think of it, i only watch tv less than 2 hours per day...

  18. You cope it very well. Have more activities with your friend and your family. Treasure every moment spending with them, enjoy!

  19. vicky, yes, time flies especially when it is a working day... the later part of the evening is spent with my family...

  20. Hugs!!!! Call me any time & I'll drive up with a gang to to give you some entertainment!! Wait, you might start loving your alone time after that.....:-p


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