Friday, June 29, 2012

Fiesta Time In Office

They are beautiful.... I mean my colleagues.... we share one common interest... that is Enjoying Good Food! I was told that there is one new pizza outlet in Jelapang and they do delivery to doorstep with an extra RM3 ($1usd) ...Heard from my colleague that the pizzas are very nice too....  so since I "owed" my colleagues a treat, I told them that the lunch would be on me...

I forked out RM100 and amazingly, the pizzas were more than enough for the 15 of us.... For this amount of money, my colleague ordered the below for our lunch.... 
all types of pizza.....Large size too!
and 5 pieces of giant Kebab too!
We had a wonderful fiesta during our lunch hour...
I ate so much that I nearly dozed off during the later part of the day...
The Beauties and their Mama... 


  1. How come the pizza look so geli one?

  2. I cannot eat too much pizza - too high in calories haha!

  3. One is already too much for me. Can't imagine seeing 4 pizzas in a row followed by tucking them wedge by wedge. No joke man...

  4. foong: heheehee.. my camera no good? yeah, high calories cos of the cheese!

    pam: for 15 people, just nice. :)

  5. wow, that is a lot of pizza. But so yummy! We eat pizza about once a week. We love it!

  6. Yum, looks so good. And what a great picture of all the beauties you work with. I do not think I have ever seen you post about pizza!! Do you have many shops there? Pizza is really BIG here and there is a shop every few blocks almost.

  7. gigi: I eat pizza once awhile only.. :)

    ginny: over here, the pizzas are also quite popular esp among the young...

  8. these pizza are really loaded with all the 'liews'!! got oyster is it..or are those mushrooms?

  9. There is a lot on this pizza. Very rich.


  10. huahhhh! so much to eat! i like the kebab! :D

  11. Look good!!! So and your colleagues, all smiling...happy together. Makes one's workplace a much better place to be and one's work so much more bearable.

  12. the pizza loooks so yummy!! and u so good lo fork out rm100. hahaha wanna fork out some for me also? =p

  13. wah .. the pizza looks good..
    with RM100 and you could get so many types..
    what is the name of the pizza restaurant?

  14. wah, RM100 can feed 15 of you with all those giant (and a lot of toppings and ingredients given also) pizzas and huge kebabs?? really a great deal lah.. sure your colleagues love you more now because of the "bribe" haha!!

  15. lena: now come to think of it..not sure what ingredients.. tuna, crabsticks... chicken, beef, sausages.. mushrooms buttons..gosh.. dont know what else!

    filip: in calories too!

    henry: coming to Ipoh? :)

    henry: the kebab a bit dry... too bad..

    simpleperson: wait.. i got to ask my colleague.. i forgotten already.. hahaa..

    sk: hahaha..bribery ye! no la.. they are the ones who always treat me on and off... they bring food stuff to the office .. i paiseh.. so i must also give treat in return.. :) once awhile! hahaha..

  16. Not really a fan of pizza. But those pizza looks amazing.

  17. wah, so nice, how nice if i am still there. sure i will be another mama there. All faces new to me now. I miss all those good old days.

  18. no wonder u say no more pizza for u in the latest post! hahaha that was too much!


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