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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Let's Dance.. Let's Sing...

If I could turn back the clock....... if I have an opportunity to choose what I would like to study..... I would definitely go for music and choreography...

But during my days, those were unheard of.... that is why I said IF... hahahaa... Why do I love music? This is something I cannot explain, all I can say is... when I go for singing lessons, practices or karaoke-ing, I feel all alive and well.... simply want it to go on and on.... till my voice croaks... hahaha....

I am not so good into dancing but when I hear music, my legs will not be still.....and I would like to make some "conducts" here and there... hahahaa....just kidding!
ladies and men alike, they are graceful when it comes to dancing....
ahhhh...I love live bands!
If only they asked for a volunteer to go out and sing that moment,
I would have raised my hand... unfortunately they didn't...
and I didn't end up embarrassing myself .... hahhaaaa....


  1. actually now it is very popular on line dance.. my mum does that 2x/week

  2. I love dancing...and singing too!!! Jom! Let's go! LOL!!!

  3. simpleperson: yeah, but i havent try it out yet..

    stp: JOM!!!!

  4. I love to dance and sing too, it make me feel so alive. like what you mention on this pots. :)

  5. You don't need to be invited. Just volunteer to sing. I'm sure they will welcome you with open arms.

  6. I would love it too but I still prefer to sing than dance..

  7. Perhaps you could take up line dancing. A few of my aunts have been at it for many years now and they still love it, coz it keeps them happy-fit as well as broadens their circle of friends.

  8. I would just LOVE to hear you sing sometime!!! You could have someone make a video of you!!!

  9. Me neither good in dancing nor!!

  10. I never get the opportunity to study music or dancing when I was younger. Now, I relive it through Ethan. I let him take up piano and soon will be dancing :D

  11. yennie: music is in our blood.. hahaha...

    pam: be thick skinned? :)

    wenn: one day we go, ok?

    gratitude: i would love to, actually.. one day..

    ginny: Ok, i might send one clip for you one day.. hahaaa..

    ling: hey, i heard u sing before.. not bad!

    merryn: show us a video clip one day! :)

  12. i think it's fun to dance, and it's happy to sing.. provided that you have the courage to show your "talent" in front of the public.. i mean, it's not so much fun if you just do it in the bathroom right.. because we are talking about the atmosphere and especially dancing that you have a group of other dancers to do the same moves..

  13. sk: now can only sing in small areas.. hahaa..

    kathy: hehehe.. joker! maybe u got hidden talent, u dont know yet!

  14. when i saw the reminded me of the chinese fan dance that i performed in high school. FUN!


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