Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Proper Way To Losing Weight

When I put on my skirt this morning, to my dismay, it was so much tighter than the last time I wore it.  Oh gosh, have I put on so much weight?  Or perhaps my skirt has shrunk?  But I know it is entirely my fault.  I can only blame myself because I did not practise “self control” on my snacks intake for a period of time.  In fact I did go for my “short” walks but that did not burn enough calories on what I have consumed. 
Frankly I do not encourage buying online medical prescription.  If there is no other choice however, we have to be very careful to purchasing them online.  Lets say for instance, if we were to buy phentermine online, we need to educate ourselves first.  Whether the effects of cutting down weight are safe or not, there are certain guidelines to follow.  If there is no monitoring from medical professionals, there might be some serious contraindications that will lead to poor reactions when we consume them with other drugs. 
To lose or weight, it is always best to go for the natural effects, such as exercising regularly to sweat profusely, food taken moderately, cutting down on fried stuff, drink more fresh fruit juices or water and lead a healthy lifestyle by sleeping early and getting up early to a fresh new morning.  That is the best remedy for healthy living!


  1. I too put on weight, our metobolism is slower as we aged. Yes, I agree with you. There is no fast remedy on losing weight. No pain, no gain.

  2. i've also gained a bit of weight over the years. however it is quite a much intended gain as i force myself to eat more so that my metabolism has something to burn on thanx to my thyroid. so far its been good except during the flu or sorethroat like now...its so easy to lose 2kg in a week.


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