Friday, June 8, 2012

Super Cheap In First Garden!

The three of us had lunch in Hoe Ting restaurant in First Garden. I heard that they serve nice and cheap dishes there and true enough, my "specs" nearly dropped off when we asked for the bill after the simple and yet scrumptious meal....

I bet you will not be able to guess how much these three dishes plus rice plus chinese tea cost....:)  If you can guess, I will take you there next time... hahahaa.....
we ordered these 4 seasons beans with sambal belacan (spicy)
consisting of lady fingers, eggplant, petai and 4-angle beans 
(gosh, can someone help me to name these greens??)
next came the steamed clams...
very nicely cooked... the sauce have the sweet wine taste!
Claypot pork knuckles with turnips and black fungus...
For these three dishes and rice plus drinks... 
the bill came to ..................only RM27.50!!
I was thinking, "serious ke?"
my estimate was around RM40 odd...
What do you think? 
We must go there once again.... and again.... 


  1. ipoh first garden? Ipoh food is always cheapest!

  2. Wow! Really cheap! You must go again and again! LOL!

  3. I don't know your money, but I understand it must have been really cheap for what you got. Now you have found a new very good place to eat....wonderful!!!

  4. So cheap!!! The claypot is soooo big!!! And there's lala some more. But the veg - so kasar! But for that price, no complaint!!! LOL!!! You will take me there, won't you?

  5. our favorite place but usually very packed..

  6. Wonderful food. Are you feeling better,
    my sister 'old lady?"

    Have a GREAT Weekend!
    Aloha from Waikiki,
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  7. Super duper cheap consider you have pork knuckles & lala.The best part is everything is nicely cooked.

  8. Sure, no problem, Kathy, Arthur.. when come to IPOH, please remember this place...

    cloudia: thank you, dear.. i m better now.. :)

    wenn: yeah, either go earlier or later.. right?

    ginny: it is around it very cheap!

    foong: a must.. hahaha..

  9. PLC food .. sure attract lots of customers..
    next time I go back .. I must try this...

  10. I know where you went. As my house is so near First Garden, my parents and I love to go there for dinner as well. Food is really not bad and the price is really cheap. But I live near SMI, so I'm nearer. As for you, you've got to go all the way to First Garden from the other side of Ipoh. Wah!! But very worth the trip, right? Hehe...


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