Thursday, June 7, 2012

PTPTN For Our Kids

I read in The Star today that National Higher Education Corporation (PTPTN) has stopped giving out loans to students studying in a certain university in Selangor.  I hope they will reconsider their decision... when it comes to academic, do not use it as a political background... students might be affected if these funds are really frozen....

My son is on PTPTN... he will be relying on these funds for these two years.  At least I am not so burdened with the college fees, I still have to support his food and accommodation which takes up a portion of my pay monthly.

My girl is going to apply for this PTPTN too... I appreciate what the government is doing now, giving out loans to pay for our kids' college fees. For parents like me, these loans help to enlighten my burden for there are many other expenses we have to fork out for our kids especially when our kids are studying away from home.

Correct me if I am wrong, these loans can be revert to scholarships if the students achieve first class honours.  That is fair enough, it should be served as an incentive for hard efforts made by the students.  For those who have not achieve that, it is also fair enough to repay the loans by monthly instalments with a minimal interest charged once they have graduated and started working.

I hope that these PTPTN loans will continue to enlighten the burdens of families who are really in need... and as debtors, we should repay the loans once our kids start to earn so that future students will have a chance to benefit....


  1. why gov stop giving the loan?? and only selangor university cant apply??

  2. there is a protest to abolish the PTPN .. is it good?
    my colleague also get the PTPN and he says that he only pay like RM50/mth the minimum ... seems like he is not willing to pay back..

  3. nic: i only know of this today...

    simpleperson: if it is misuse, then it is not good, if the loans are for genuine cases, it is great!

  4. the loan is indeed a good idea. but its kinda sad that many graduates are taking their own sweet time to settle their loan. their priorities seem to be their fancy car or fancy lifestyle:(

  5. Students in private colleges and universities can apply for the loan or not? As far as I know, this uni is private - not one of those...and not LAN accredited. I wanted to send my daughter to do her TESL degree there - do foundation, skip Form 6 - my principal then said it isn't LAN accredited, true or not...I dunno. In the end she got the twinning lost my deposit there, no refund.

  6. I agree with Simple Person. He knows one, I know many. Get the loan and when starting to work, they refuse to pay back...and when asked, they could use foul language to scold.

    In the first place, many DID NOT need the loan...but simply took it as it was there for the buy iphone, ipad...and spend, spend, spend on having fun. This really gives those people who genuinely need the loan a bad name.

    I know one who posted shamlessly on Facebook that he was thrilled that he was not stopped at immigration from leaving the country as he had not paid his loan - he was going overseas ON HOLIDAY...and he just bought a very nice condo in KL...and a flashy car.

    I really think the government should stop all this free handouts. Like the free laptops - parents sent their kids to school in the 4WDs and luxury cars to go and collect. Some good ones gave to the poorer students who somehow did not get listed - as they already have one or more and theirs are many many times NOT that anybody appreciates it at all.

  7. I hope there would be another way if this is not available?

  8. ...but despite all that, I must add that removing the privilege for political or any such reasons is definitely NOT right. Tsk! Tsk!

  9. kathy: yeah for those in need..

    wenn: yes..

    missy: nowadays got blacklisting if not repaying..

    stp: yeah, not all private colleges or Uni can get, only for diplomas and degrees are eligible.. yes, i also heard that many are misusing for material things.. but they must bear in mind that they need to repay too otherwise can be blacklisted but then many still can be able to escape unless there are stricter action implemented properly..

    ginny: fork out our own savings is another alternative.. :)

  10. Think they are going to ask Selangor govt to provide FREE tertiary education instead of loan... FREE is better right than loan? anyway, those who took the loan and didn't pay back, they are just shame to the society...

  11. I don't think it is right to remove the PTPTN because of political issue. But I know some people very reluctant to pay back. Take it lightly.

  12. I totally agree with your post! And yes it should be reverted to scholarship for those who excel and score well. Sigh PTPTN is indeed important, or else this country will have a lot of people dropping off from uni due to financial problem.

  13. Latest news..the freeze is lifted...

  14. Vote for Pakatan Rakyat. Your will get free education.


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