Saturday, July 28, 2012

Affordable Apartment Rentals

Making plans to travel far needs some "homework"and "researching" especially when we are not following a group tour or organization.  First of all, decision making, where do you plan to go, which airline are you going to book your tickets, is the accommodation provided alongside with the flight tickets or are you going to book them separately?  Next comes the budget, how much can you afford for this trip you have planned to go?  All these are part of the traveling plans and that is what I always think of when I go somewhere far from my own country.
Yes, I am planning to travel in another couple of months and right now I am still checking some online sites for cheap tickets and accommodation.  If possible, I would like to stay longer and I know that hotel rates are definitely "super-high" for extended stay.  It would be more practical to rent out "homestay" like in this new york city apartment rentals which I came across awhile ago.  Indeed it is much cheaper to rent an apartment if we are planning to stay for a longer period of time.  Before we start booking or renting, do some "homework" and check out the apartment rentals, the prices vary accordingly and I am sure we can get the rates within our budget.

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