Saturday, July 28, 2012

Witness Insecurity Is A Disappointment

I was so excited when I heard that Astro would be showing the last two episodes on Witness Insecurity yesterday.  For the past couple of weeks, I have been following this new HKTVB drama on Astro On Demand and what a great disappointment for me when this show ended so abruptly just like that, not what I expected it to be... (but then I am not script writer nor director)

The show started out with excitement, police protecting the witness... there were some "action" to be seen and then the story unfolds about Linda Chung, an heiress's daughter falling in love with Bosco who is her Protector (Witness Protector Unit).. do we have this over here in our police force?

In the middle, the series became slower and draggy, bringing in some non-relevant casts and issues... while all the time I was waiting for Bosco to "return" his affections for Linda... but to my great dismay, none was displayed....

When the whole series ended last night just like that, it was not worth the waiting-for show after all.  If I were a critic for this show, I would give it a rating of 4/10... though some credit should be given to veteran actors like Paul Chun and his "brother" for their expressive roles.
Paul Chun, Linda and "brother"
They were good in their acting

Linda was not to too bad but Bosco is definitely OUT in his acting especially towards the middle till the end.  His expressions in the show was almost NIL.... in the beginning he was cool and I thought it was his role of being cool initially but to be non-expressive towards the end of the series is a disappointment

Maybe that is the period that Bosco was having his breakup problems with his real-life girlfriend Mollie?
Bosco gets a knock on his head from Linda...

I think he should wake up and improve on his expressions...
His mind and concentrations doesn't seem to be there...
(that's my opinion)

  Elin, you are very right, I agree with you...


  1. Thank goodness I don;t watch such things. In fact, I don't even watch tv. My missus watches all the time - she probably knows this one.

  2. I am not surprised that most TVB artists have poor acting skills. Their only strength is their looks. That's probably the main attraction to the young viewers. Lam Fung is another lousy actor. He can't sing yet he has won numerous awards in the music industry.

  3. Maybe they planning part 2 of the series.

  4. wish I hv the time to watch it..

  5. kathy: i think twice if got part 2..see ending how first..hahaha..

    wenn: make time or make money? :)

  6. well some good thing never last i guess

  7. of all the names you mentioned above, i think i like watching paul chun actually :)

  8. mecoy: nothing lasts forever?...

    lena: he is a veteran actor.. always act as rich tycoon.. suits him...

  9. I never watch drama anymore, though I used to. Now, I watch only sports and the news. Lol.

  10. pam: sorry, left out the reply above.. there are some actors/actresses that can act very well... like Bobby Au Yong.. Michael something.. like the ones in the Files of Justice, I like those actors... they are so natural..

    gigi: I guess at certain age, we tend to change channels already.. :)

  11. Claire, I also watched this drama. So sad when watching the ending. I like the girls' father and uncle's acting so much. They both gave life to this drama. Bosco needs to improve in his acting. He is the main character, but yet acting is not stable. Very disapointed.

  12. yan, so you also agree... he was quite mook in this series..

  13. I told my husband, you followed the series so diligently for what? To this kind of terrible ending. Luckily I did not waste my time in following it episode by episode. lol.


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