Sunday, July 29, 2012

Downsouth To Kuala Lumpur

Traveled more than 200 over km today, drove a fair bit and then passed the wheel over to my young driver... so glad he can be able to come down south with me... half way, I could heard my own "snores"... guess I was too tired... concentrating on the road too long can be quite weary for an old mom....
along the highway to KL
nice smooth trip... not many vehicles were in sight...

Last time I could drive for few hours non-stop on the highway but nowadays my eyesight is not so good already.  Thank goodness my son is back for his semester holiday, he is now my driver, at least I don't have to drive for long hours now.  We can travel together and have a nice relaxing holiday in Kuala Lumpur.....


  1. Have fun in kl...
    N eats lots of good food...

  2. So glad that you've finally decided to take a break. Forget about Monday blues, enjoy yourself!

  3. yes, the 3 hr drive is too long. glad you had your son!

  4. Last time, I drove all the way to Kuching - about 600 miles...or to Miri - around 6 hours, no problem. I wouldn't want to do that anymore these days - too old already.

  5. let the young ones to drive or else take a break at the rest house.

  6. Have fun and enjoy yourself in KL. Better let the young take over the wheel if you are too tired.

  7. Thank GOD, your son can now help you to drive ;)

  8. Ya when off peak season it's good for outstation, smooth traffic, less cars. I back from Kuantan yestday too, the traffic is smooth....

  9. simpleperson: went to Isetan and Pan Heong so far..

    pam: yes, I will... tomorrow is tuesday already.. yes!!

    stp: aiyoh.. sama sama la.. cannot drive for long already..

    gigi: yes..glad he came back right timing..

    wenn: yes... now not so "young" anymore..

    Mery: thanks!

    claire: yeah so that mom can sleep ...

    vicky: nice to drive with less cars on the road..

    irene: yeah... i have to admit not young anymore.. :)

  10. im learning how to drive i never tried driving on highways bu looking forward for it


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