Monday, July 30, 2012

US Embassy In Kuala Lumpur

It was still dark when I was there joining in the queue at around 7am in front of the US Embassy entrance. My appointment was fixed for 7.40am, I guess the earliest slot for the day. Initially the queue was quite long but when the guard announced that those with appointment at 7.40am were only to queue up, the line became so much shorter.

After handing over my ID to the counter, I was given a security pass and I have to join another line again, this time to go inside the embassy. Before entering to the compound, one by one were being scanned and handphones were handed over to the guards.

Upon entering the building, we were given another number by the teller machine and wait to be called. First counter, checking the confirmation letter, bank receipt and passport. Then told to wait for another counter to check our fingerprints, all the 10 fingers... And lastly, the most "heart pumping" counter is the "interview." I guess my blood pressure must be sky-high while waiting for my number to be called... and when it was called, the interview took less than a minute.... pheww.... what a Big relief!

Last and not least, I was given a card, not a green card but white card... LOL... With this white card, you can either collect your passport yourself or you can ask someone to collect for you the next day or within the next 10 working days.   The visa is finally done!
Outside the US Embassy
towards the right...
towards the left...

A nice experience...something not what I expected it to be... that caused me to have a sleepless night yesterday... so glad that it is finally over..

Now I will wait for sponsors.... patiently I will wait... lol...


  1. Planning to holiday to America?

  2. just when you think the visa will smoothen passage thru immigration, the guy at the airport will ask you another thousand questions before he lets you in.

    ha ha, just warning you what to expect!

  3. Do you plan to travel to the USA in late September or early October? You must be bursting with excitement! Hope to see you in Honolulu, Hawaii!

  4. I would love to go USA one day..

  5. You're going to the US? Holiday there? When? Or your son or daughter will be going there to study? How much you have to pay for the visa? They say a hundred ringgit or more?

  6. kash: now can start planning...

    doc: yes, i heard about that.. we can be detoured back to MY .. gosh!!

    gigi: yeah, hope to see you if there is ample time.. hahaha...

    wenn: so when is your next trip?

    stp: now planning with my sister, mother.. no, no.. kids not going.. they jaga rumah with aunties! hahaha.. visa is now RM512...

  7. Going to USA?....I guess you can't wait for it...

  8. going some where in america?

  9. Wow, planning for a holiday far away from home. Good!!!Good!!!..

  10. Wow...heading to USA. sounds exciting and fun.

  11. mery: yeah.. now saving up money.. :)

    mecoy: counting my cents.. hahaha.

    irene: when think of the flight, so so sien..

    ling: see when can go.. :))

  12. us here you come.. so bring more money to get more souvenirs for your readers.. LOL

  13. wow, planning a holiday in the US?? how nice.. but then how come you so nervous?? they aren't gonna eat you also right?? furthermore, you are going to spend money on their land, you are the customer!! hahaha~~ :p

  14. Fuiyo! Very da shiok, going to US! Have fun walking in circles in the plane! LoL! U HAVE to otherwise leg sure cramp sit for so long :D

  15. simpleperson: is this a reminder? hehee...

    sk: now saving up my cents first.. start now.. :)

    merryn:that is what i dread most!

  16. Wow! So nice going to the US. RM512 for visa? My goodness. Must really make the trip your money's worth haha.


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