Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bloggers' Trip To Taiping!

After our late supper last night in Gourmet Square, Small Kucing family checked in to a suite in De Hotel, calling it a night around 11pm .... In the morning I went to their hotel and we adjourned to have our dim sum breakfast after picking up Elin and hubby on the way....
Part of the dim sum we ordered...
extracted from Kathy's FB
(In a moment of haste, I forgot to bring my camera down from the car)

After our breakfast, we took a one hour drive to TAIPING!   We made our decision while eating our dim sum... hahahaa....
Here we are.... Taiping town...
2 happy ladies holding the hands of a half-awake kid... hahahaa...
ahhh...... reaching our destination, the grins could be seen again....
Taiping Food Court in town...
we ordered 4 plates of these.... RM3 each!
Taiping Special Fried Koay Teow...
wow... clever boy already...
know how to use chopsticks at this young age!
Fried Oyster Omelet  RM8.00

Rojak RM8.00 too...
Here we are... the Food Diggers in Taiping!
Our second meal of the day.... 

^( '‿' )^


  1. wa..that BIG GUY really caught my attention here!!

  2. The food looks yummy. The first picture looks the best.


  3. lena: yeah..big strong and handsome! :)

    filip: those are dim sum.. :)

  4. hahaha ... enjoy ur makan trip...
    taiping is famous of PLC food...

  5. I sure love the char kueh teow..

  6. Ooooo....I'd like to try the kway teow! And the or chian looks good too... Rojak? No need lah...

    Wah!!! Elin & her Wild Boar so free now hor, children not at home...just like you also - can go rayau2, enjoy liao! LOL!!!

  7. Taiping Special Fried Koay Teow is a must eat.. so long time not been there edy!

  8. Claire:

    Hey, Pam wasn't in the photo!!! *weeping... The Larut Matang Food Court is just 100 meters from my house but you never thought of calling me. (haha... jut pulling your leg. Hope you enjoyed yourself in Taiping.)
    *** Next time call me hah?

  9. Wow, I love the kway teow. 1 plate please. Have an enjoyable weekend.

  10. wow, this Small Kucing eat all the way up from KL to Ipoh to Taiping huh?? so happy.. the Taiping food looks good, and cheap!!

  11. wah you very "fast hands". so fast post is up jor. Hotel wifi connection no good. i can view ur blog but when comes to commentsing...haiz....

  12. Yerr!! The fried kuey teow looks soooo yum!! Hungry!! :(

  13. Taiping is a food paradise!! :D

  14. simpleperson: what is PLC? :)

    wenn: yeah..i love too...

    stp: yeah.. old people like us are more free now..but then, not every weekend la.. my house is in a mess.. no time to clean up...

    nikel: then u must go one more time..

    pam: i m so sorry!!! i didnt really think because we went last minute.. decided only during breakfast.. and off we went! next time i must remember!!!

    irene: one plate on the way!! hahaha...

    sk: yeah..reasonable prices.. hope we didnt make it go up!

    kathy: maybe too many people in the hotel using wifi...

    caroline: one day ask Eric to drive there? :)

    xueren: you must recommend us more places to go! :)

  15. Casual market food, I never feel bored of eating that special teow chiew char koey teow.

  16. ling: not too bad.. hahaha...

    yan: i dont know which stall is the best.. any idea?

  17. Special kuey teow a.k.a teow chew kuey teow... a not to be missed in Taiping!


Thank you, readers!

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