Saturday, July 7, 2012

Holiday Plans

There is a one week school holiday in the middle month of August  and my sister has started to make plans to go for a short holiday.  She planned to take her teenaged son along and she was also asking me to join them as well.  One of her suggestions is a four days cruise, traveling from Penang to one of the islands in Thailand.  I am still contemplating whether to go or not to go because I have never been to a cruise before.  But one of my siblings have experienced the Mediterranean cruise and she is encouraging us to go for it.  It is one of the most memorable trips so far and it is really worth experiencing and exploring the exclusive sights as they sail along.
Another "worth-going" trips is this Galapagos Cruise which brings us to enchanted islands for natural and attractive sights.  Briefly about the Galapagos Explorer II, it is a luxury ship which offers suites only to ensure that the passengers are served with the best comfort and attention during the cruise. Well, as for me, looking at these beautiful luxury ships is indeed attractive.  It is a one-in-a-lifetime affair for me definitely, I would like to experience how it is to travel in a luxurious ship and comfort. 

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