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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bunchkins Instead Of Raspberries

Immediately after work, I drove to one fruit grocery to look for Raspberries... but when I reached the stall, I couldn't recall the name "raspberries" and instead told the lady that I wanted those in colour one, I said... She then pointed at some red berries and blue berries... I shook my head.. " not these type.. er..they are of rougher skin one..."

Crucial moment ... cracking my head to recall the name of "raspberries" but couldn't then.... sigh.... (need to eat more gingko seeds, right?)

The lady left me be since she didn't know what I wanted.... I looked around on the fruit shelves and this box caught my eyes instead......
Since I cannot get the raspberries 
(now must repeat many times to remember)
I bought this packet home....
Curious to know how they taste like...
They are actually "mini-sized" grapes...
also known as "Champagne grapes"
See how small they are....
This is the first time I am eating these seedless baby grapes..
They are juicier if you eat them just like I did a moment ago...
One tablespoon inside the mouth and "squashed" to bits!



  1. Why raspberries and not other berries, Claire? I thought you were like me, caught up in the smoothie craze. I spend more on fruits than anything else these days!

  2. And these baby champagne grapes are very costly too eh? I bought them once. Nothing different, only price much more expensive.

  3. I have never had raspberries before. hmmh, you got me drooling that those little juicy fruits.


  4. Hmmm looks nice to eat. My boy loves grapes too, but I'm too lazy to peel off the skin for him. Maybe should get some for myself.

  5. inspiredmom: i wanted raspberries cos i came across them in quaypo's blog.. hahaha...

    natasha: they taste like grapes.. but lesser flesh and more juice..

    andrew: oh, i just pop them into my mouth... no mopping skin.. :)

  6. shireen: never bought such expensive baby grapes.. but just want to try.. wanted raspberries but too bad they dont have...

  7. looks juicy like mini grapes!haahha!

  8. haha..I like the way you eat them!

  9. looks great! sweet n juicy :)

  10. I love to eat grapes...
    Y suddenly so craving of raspberries...
    But raspberries kinda sour... Haven taste sweet raspberries b4...
    Berries r good for antioxidant keep u young...

  11. Ya...why raspberries? Oh no!!! You're having cravings!!!! Throwing up when you smell food too? Muahahahahaha!!!

  12. Wow, RM25 for those grapes! So expensive. I'm not sure if you can buy a particular grape variety in Malaysia called Crimpson, from Spain, they are crisp and very sweet. It can be white or red.

  13. champagne grapes.. yummy! I bought it during CNY to be given to my aunt each year since she loves grapes.. not cheap hah this kind of goodies..

  14. Eunice: they are indeed juicy.. but expensive.. :)

    wenn: easier.. than taking with fingers..

    merryn: trying out new things..

    simpleperson: cos i saw in quaypo's blog..and i wanted to try them.. :)

    stp: hahahaha... a miracle is born..

    kash: dont think we have that here..

    cyn: too need to eat with tablespoon...

    mery: slurp...

  15. I've never tried bunchkins before but pretty expensive eh? I've tried raspberries before. Yeah, they're not sweet.

  16. not cheap. I am kiasu..i dun spend so much on fruits. stick to tropical

  17. Oh saw the label in MBC it call Champagne Grapes. Very expensive leh.

  18. I could spend a lot on fruit too. When comes to fruit, I am not stinggy at all. This mini grape is so cute.

  19. carolyn: then i better not try.. i thought i buy just for the sake of trying..hahaa..

    yeeling: me old should try.. hahaa..

    vicky: yeah.. once a lifetime ok hor.. :)

    yan: me first time seeing and trying.. :)

    kathy: for one day full of Vitamins.. hahaa...

  20. I always love to eat that kind of grapes for snack.

  21. willa: they are rich in vitamins..

  22. Yum! They sound and look yummy! :P

  23. I've eaten grapes but never raspberries... :) Wish to have one of that...

    Visiting here... Hope you can visit back...

  24. I miss eating this... Might grab one late in the supermarket :)


Thank you, readers!