Thursday, July 5, 2012

Portugese Suits Her Fine In Bee Gaik

Called up my mum to tell her not to cook, "let's go out and eat tonight...." But when she asked me where we were going, I really had no idea then... Ipoh seems very small to me these days when it comes to looking for food.....

Finally.... I decided to go to Bee Gaik restaurant and the others readily agreed... It has been a long time since we had Nyonya and Portugese food and since my mom's appetite is not that good, this type of food might suit her fine...
 Bee Gaik Restaurant in Ipoh Garden South
first came the Kapitan chicken...
Nyonya food are very refined..
The dishes came out in small portions...
(steamed fish pieces with spices)
 Perut Ikan...(but not fish stomach)
Certain kind of vegetables with some tendons...
(can someone enlighten me on this?)
Portugese Pork Ribs... very nicely done...
Mango Kerabu, very nice and appetizing!
All happening here in Bee Gaik Restaurant
The bill came to RM66 for the 5 of us...
I feel the price is quite reasonable though 
the dishes came in small portions...
Normally my mom cannot eat much
but to my delight, she finished her plate of rice!
I guess I must bring her here more often....

^( '‿' )^


  1. So cheap!!! And food looks good - better than the expensive one I went to in Penang. I wanna go Ipoh!!!!!

  2. stp: hey, the Air Asia ah.. i think zero fare la.. somewhere in August.. or is it September?? lol..

  3. Never seen this restaurant before.I'm running out of idea when it comes to dining too.Worthy a try by the look of good food there.Price reasonable too.

  4. wow kapitan chicken! long time didnt eat ad! need to ask my mum to cook again ad! hahaha

  5. andrew: me too.. i also dont know what to eat at times..

    henry: wow.. homecooked ones are definitely nicer!

  6. RM66 for 5 person consider quite cheap already woh.. and most importantly your mum likes all the dishes.. i guess the food really must be nice, old ladies seldom cheat when it comes to food, haha~~

  7. wow..I hvn't been there before..those dishes look tempting..

  8. Interesting dishes there. I've tried Portuguese food before and they are rather unique like these. The eatery itself looks elaborate. Nice find!

  9. sk: maybe with the sourish taste, she can eat more than the usual dishes..

    wenn: try them and let me know! :)

    isaac: it has been a long while since i have been there..

  10. Perut ikan?...sound geli to me,but the dish looks good.

  11. ya wor...sometimes eat here and there till no idea what to eat jor. sei jor.

    Perut ikan i like

  12. The original nyonya perut ikan is with fish stomach and cook 'assam' style with long beans, laksa leaves, pineapple, daun karo.. the fish stomach usually kept for sometimes... talk about that, I still have a bottle of nicely done fish stomach hidden under my sink, time to ask my mum cook that.. yummy!

  13. Food looks good and so is the price too.

  14. mery: yeah.. perut ikan but tasted good..

    kathy: before going also we know the taste jor..

    choiyen: yes it is not bad..

    cyn: why under the sink? :)

    irene: not too bad actually..

  15. Looks deli! I love nyonya food but haven't really tried Portuguese... Or that I did and do not know.. Haha. Makes me super hungry now. When I go back Ipoh, I will go through your blog for places to eat and then ask my poor cousin to chauffeur me around. The other day she brough down jj swissrolls for me, I'm so thrilled!

  16. I love to dine there..
    it was one of my mum's fav restaurant..
    they also have the "mui choy kau yuk" right? if not mistaken..
    been so long never eat there liao...

  17. My sisters will be delighted with the perut ikan and otak-otak dishes. Its so hard to find shops here which cook them well and at such good prices too!

  18. Wow! Look appetizing! I like Mango Kerabu. Never go wrong with that :)

  19. Yummy food!! Next time I go Ipoh you must bring me here! The price also not bad! : )

  20. hayley: yeah.. i think so too...

    irene: i will try to arrange my blog posts so that it will be easier..

    simpleperson: got got.. i didnt order only...

    MG: now you know where to get them...

    angel: yes, very appetizing..

    ane: they are not bad..

    foong: hahaha..sure.. the other day u came, u didnt stay overnight?

  21. i haven't been into Bee Gaik for a long time. It's opened by my good friend's mom :)

  22. The portion looks really little..


Thank you, readers!

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