Monday, July 2, 2012

Michaelangelo Pizzeria...Oh.. Oh...

*ha, not eating rice at home again ah?*  Those were the same words my mom would utter whenever I call home to say that I won't be taking dinner... hahahaaa... Well, this is what I call "Home with Mother."  I do love it though... good to feel young again!  LOL...

Out of the seven days in a week, I will be eating out with my friends at least twice... most times we go for chinese food, that is what we normally prefer but for this particular night, we opted for some pizza instead..oh dear.. did I not eat pizza just a week ago??

but this is Michaelangelo Pizzeria in IPOH..
We want to eat what the kids love to eat!
 Here comes our pizza!
Two in One... 
(two different flavours)
served on top of a puree tin...
their signature theme...
Just look at the melted cheese on the left...
did I really take all that???
 oh Gosh!
Well, I guess I did....
One consolation though.. we didn't manage to finish them...
Maybe we were a bit conscious of our weight?
The remainder was then packed back for breakfast the next day...
but of course, not for me....
I think I will keep away from Pizza...
enough pizzas for me this year....


  1. Looks great! David and I eat pizza at least once a month if not more often. Love pizza!

  2. I wanna eat PIZZA!
    But definitely not at Pizza Hut :)

  3. where is this place?
    maybe i shall bring my mum there next time

  4. gigi: for me, once awhile ok.. but it seems i have taken it twice in a week!

    ken: KL surely have more choices!

    simpleperson: it is near to TESCO Ipoh Garden.. call me if u cannot find.. hahaha...

  5. Eeee... why la post up pizza so late at nite? OMG, now I got the urge to go and eat pizza. Cham liao, domino closing liao... got to wait til tomorrow.

  6. It's been long that I ate pizza. But with the pizza from making me wanna go and eat now.

    Ps. Which is better? Pizza Hut or Micangelo?

  7. I can't eat much too. One wedge from each flavour will be just nice to fill my stomach.

  8. I am not a big fan of pizza, but every time I eat pizzas, I will start counting the calories haha!

  9. been there once..don't think I like it as the base was practically burnt..

  10. cannot finish? can call me mah LOL ":X

    looks great eh! can buy 1 for my brother and myself hehe

  11. Would like to try it, I love the pizza's in the US.


  12. That looks sooooooo nice. Humph!!! Must get to est it if I go to KL. Melissa would love it, I'm sure!!!

  13. cleff: try to delete this post from your mind.. hahaha..

    jessie: for me, the Michael is nicer.. hahaha..

    pam: yes, I cannot eat much of those too..

    foong: oh oh.... guilty too!

    wenn: oh really? i didnt realize it! :)

    kianfai: oh definitely one enough! i think they have one size only.. am i correct?

  14. filip: i have yet to try the US ones but this Michaelangelo is from the North Carolina if i m not mistaken. :)

    stp: yes, our kids or any young people will love pizza! :)

  15. Wah, the pizza looks delicious! Must go and try the next time I go Ipoh!

  16. Pizza is a comfort food. Kids will surely like. For me, once in a while indulge in pizza ok lar. But my kids don't mind eating them every week!

  17. kitty: do is different..

    shireen: dont mind..we adults only mind.. hahaha..

  18. The pizzas looks great but me,not a fan. My kids would love them.

  19. a YEAR!?

    we eat pizza many times a year....

    Have a GREAT Week!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  20. Er, pizza on top of the tin? Wouldn't it shaky when you take the pizza?

    I think they got sponsor from Heinz, because they reused the can for advertorial, hehehe~

  21. irene: yeah, the kids will love them very much~

    cloudia: i have been eating pizza quite often these days.. :)

    yvonne: i think they use Heinz for their sauce... no, it wont shake cos the pizza is quite thin layered.. :)

  22. wow the pizza look so good and fruitful.

  23. huh?? pizza again?? you like to eat pizza one ah?? you just forked out RM100 to buy three giant pizza to eat with your colleagues woh, haha!!

    eih, always not eating rice at home again?? one day you will want to eat everyday~~ :p

  24. those foods look so yummy..i believed you all had a great time there!

    all the best to you!
    from me and my blogs..
    See The World
    Travel Euroasia
    Europe Travel Pad
    Countryside Trip

  25. michaelangelo is in pavilion kl too, haha, but they dont have the unique way of serving pizza with a can :)

    Latest: A Trip to Hunan

  26. vicky: fats too!!

    redruby: thanks for coming by!

    fish: no? how come.. .

    ling: one size only! hahaha..

  27. In reply to:
    reanaclaire said...

    reanaclaire said... filip: i have yet to try the US ones but this Michaelangelo is from the North Carolina if i m not mistaken. :)

    Actually I am from Chicago and we offer "true" American-Italian style pizzas and food in our little pizzeria. We are a rock n roll pizzeria just like you would find back in Chicago and in NY.

    Our website will be back on soon, but you can find us online at:

    Thank you for all the nice comments on your blog.

  28. Just to clear up, we are NOT Michelagnelos in KL, Penang or the pavilion , We are MichelangelO's Pizzeria. Not the same company at all in any way, shape or form. We are an American Pizzeria in Ipoh only becuase my wife is Malaysian Chinese from here and I am here as well.


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