Thursday, July 12, 2012

My New Kid In My House

Ever since his father has passed on few months ago, he has grown more matured than before. He and his father had a very close bonding... and now that his father is no more around, I notice that he was kind of lonely and quiet during the early stage. But as time goes by, he has come to accept the fact that he does not have a father anymore but a mother, grandmother, uncles and aunties to "dote" on him....  ^( '‿' )^

Well, he is now always in my house, he loves coming over and he even offered to do the mopping for me too!  Adorable, right!  And of course, in return I take him to what he FOOD!
My No. 1 Fan (he used to call himself that!)  LOL....

 At times we go for Chinese food....
such as steamed yam....
kapitan chicken-his favourite
four season beans in sambal belacan...
he loves anything spicy!
for this meal the bill came to around RM50 for 4 persons
My "No.1 Fan"enjoying his curry....
^( '‿' )^ 

And at times I take him for Western meals...
Took him to Nando's in AEON last Saturday...
We shared these... with ice cream... (not shown)
Well.. this made me realize.. 
when our own children have grown-up, 
it is nice to have another younger one at home...
at least to make some noise and
and allow us to raise our voices at times...
but not all the time...

 ^( '‿' )^


  1. y din bring him to taiping? love how he handles his tools...

  2. WK: next time? he sure loves to go!

  3. Claire always has a heart of gold. May God bless you.

  4. He really grown up! Yeah, he needed lots of love now. Do continued to shower him with care and love.

  5. Nice of you to take him to restaurants.

  6. for sure God will reward you for the gift of love that you given to him.

  7. Yes, good company for you too...since your children are all not at home. Otherwise, you will have to wait for your own grandchildren... LOL!!!

  8. he's just like another son of yours..enjoy the moment.

  9. At least there is someone to make you raise your voice at times and also make the house more lively. Not bad help you to do mopping. Kapitan chicken looks nice.

  10. I like Arthur's comment.. :D :D
    yes, he's a good company to you and I'm sure he brings lots of laughter n joy to your household

  11. ya lo should have broiught him along :)

  12. i am sure he will grow up into a fine sucessful gentleman..

  13. pam: hahaha.. i think u are not so right.. hahaha..

    chris: he needs a male hand too!

    gigi: cos i also love to eat! :)

    angelbear: oh, i never thought of that.. he is just adorable..

    stp: u understand me too well.. hahaa..

    wenn: yeah, till he is ready to fly too..

    irene: yes, will ask him to exercise more in my house... hahaa..

    elaine: yes, if there is a kid in the house, there sure be some noise..

    kat: sure he will love it too!

    simpleperson: we hope so too..

  14. Such a good boy to help you mop the floor. He's adorable. Nice to have additional member in your family:)

  15. Usually, I saw the restuarant serving 1/4 of the corn. But, Nando's served the whole big corn.


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