Saturday, July 14, 2012

WeChat Is Happening Now!

Recently when my son asked me whether I should upgrade my "smartphone" to a more advanced model or not, I was like "eh, I still haven't got used to my current one yet, what more with a more modern one, I will have to start all over again."  LOL...  You see, my current smartphone is now being utilized for sms-ing, receiving and outgoing calls, facebook-ing and checking emails only.  I am still not familiar with using other features like downloading apps for free this, free that, not into games so much unless I am in the waiting mode, other than that, I am just like any other "auntie" who holds a smartphone and not utilizing their features! LOL...
Alright, I have to admit this, seriously, I want to experience and make full use of the features listed in my smartphone.  However I cannot depend on my kids who are currently away, I have to do it MY WAY, that is to catch up with the latest gadgets and news through my online friends and bloggers!
Through them, I get to download so many free apps and gadgets and one of the latest IN-thing now is the WeChat app!  Ever heard of them yet?  I guess my kids have not...ah..ha... now their mum is more "advanced" than them!  Ok, briefly about this WeChat, this apps was recently launced in Zouk, Malaysia, it a fun smartphone apps that offers smartphone users to communicate with one another for FREE!  It is very easily to install, for an "auntie" like me, I can manage to use this feature, so if I can, why not you?  Now I can chat with my kids in this WeChat, the latest feature they don't even know yet.  I am sure my three kids will be pretty surprised that now their mum (yours truly) is more "updated" than any of them.  LOL....

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  1. I was at the event, haha. Claire I think you will like me new post later... will post it in a comment once its published :D


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