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The Streets Of San Francisco

The very next morning after a light breakfast, we started our journey to San Francisco city.... we have to do some stuff in the city and we checked in to a very nice hotel right in the middle of the city... along the freeway to San Francisco...   It is a four star hotel but too bad that they do not give free wifi in the room at this moment of time, I am "Internet-ing" at the lobby... Not worth spending $7usd for an hour.. it is just not enough for me!  LOL... For two days, I think I have walked some "kilometers" and  I think I am quite familiar with some certain spots now... some pictures along the way... big solid buildings in sight... Always see these in movies..but this morning, I saw this in real... :) Along Montgomery Street Along Grant Street on the way to Chinatown... Saw something familiar here.... along Market Street.... See..I can remember the streets... Next time I can be a tour guide!  LOL...   Ok, got t

Am I Really In San Francisco?

This trip to San Francisco was kind of "unplanned"...not months ahead but just a month before the departure date. Everything was kind of a rush and in no time, I was already at the airport getting ready to fly to SF via Taipei. At the premium lounge in KLIA where you can relax while waiting for boarding... it has been a long while since I fly using KLIA... Reached Taipei in five hours.. then waited for transit for four hours Reached San Francisco after a 12 hours flight.. not too long actually but my toes seemed to swollen when we landed... LOL... After four hours sleep... we woke up to a sunny morning... Still getting used to the 15 hours difference... Everything seemed to be a blur.... Am I really here in San Francisco?? Well, I guess it is not a dream after all.. I have this handsome guy serving me some late supper last night!  Ok, back to ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

More Giveaways And Followers To Your Blogs!

 Ladies and gentlemen bloggers, I really appreciate your coming by my blog regularly and putting in comments as well... so much so... I have to show and return my appreciation in kind to you all... as many as I could... seriously... I am now organizing a FUN GIVEAWAY for all bloggers (local and overseas) to join in and have a chance to win a prize and at the same time, your blogging circle will be widened as well....!!  Just follow these simple steps and you will be on the way to winning and widening...  1) Put your post URL at the inlinkz below for the next few days and leave a comment. 2) Visit the blogs on your left and right or as many as you want to gain more friends. (Your blogging circle will be widened, believe me!)  You can visit as many blogs as you like from the icons listed below. 3)  Post about this giveaway in your Facebook. Ok, lets start this fun by posting your URL at the bottom of this post...just click "submit your link" and follow the simple st

Keep GUESS-ing And You GUESS This!

I felt "heartpain" when I opened up the GUESS box and found that the wallet inside has "deteriorated" to such an extent that it couldn't be used anymore... On the surface it was still very nice... I love it very much... Aaron bought it for me when he was in Italy during his internship training.  Er.... that was...more than two years ago... In fact he bought two handbags and one wallet for me, the GUESS handbag was utilized to the fullest... also Gone Case now... but this wallet was kept inside the drawer till yesterday..... The problem with me is that I like to keep things... keep till come-what-may... and look what keeping has done to my GUESS... sigh...   when I opened the wallet... I was shocked...   the leather has worn out....   patches of white and it was starting to peel  when I rubbed on it.... There goes my GUESS wallet... One lesson learnt... Never ever KEEP material possessions anymore.... They are meant to be Utilized and

Ghetto Justice 2 Final Episodes

I am "chasing" after Ghetto Justice 2 now... Grow to love this HK series after feeling disappointed with Witness Insecurity a couple of weeks ago... At least it brings some cheerfulness after a hard day's work in the office... Never really liked Kevin Cheng last time but after watching this show, I feel he is not a bad actor... he portrays a different character in this series... very mischievous and looking cool at the same time.. at least his expressions are there unlike Bosco....     Ok, will not write too much...  Don't know happy or sad ending... Now watching from 11pm to 12.30am! Hope it is not abrupt as Witness Insecurity.... 

The WRONG Way To Cut Lemang

I was in my "in-laws" house when I was entrusted to cut up the freshly cooked lemang... first time opening up a still-hot bamboo and using a Big Knife to slice it up... Ok, briefly about Lemang... Lemang is a traditional Malay dessert made of glutinous rice and coconut nut and and cooked in a hollowed bamboo stick lined with banana leaves in order to prevent the rice from sticking to the bamboo)    See... this is a bamboo stick... I was entrusted to cut the lemang ... When the bamboo is taken away,  this is how the Lemang looks like...  LONG and THIN...  Someone tried to act smart and ended up cutting it this way...   Oh..oh... someone pressed it harder and the poor Lemang became flatter... And the amateur who did this was .... Caught in the act...   Poor Lemang.... They ended up "undressed" and in "odd shapes!" LOL...

My Sons Sweating Out On The Walls

All food and no work makes us unhealthy.... hahahaa.... So the very next day, my two princes sweated out by cleaning up the dust and cobwebs which were lying in wait for them... long overdue already!  This mama here here couldn't do it because ... she is short just not tall enough.... Sent out SOS and my cleaning guys were very obliging... they cleaned up the dusty old walls here and there..... and everywhere.... But firstly, someone got to be the "leader"....  later... somehow... needs coordination too.... United they wiped....  and in no time, all the lizard shit...dust... were cleared...  Worth giving a scrumptious treat!  hahahaha.... Thank you, Sons! Now...let me think where you should clean up next...  

Birthday Bash In Kok Thai Restaurant, Ipoh

While Muslims were celebrating their festive occasion throughout the country, my family had our special celebration in Kok Thai Restaurant, a simple birthday "makan" on the first day of Raya...Sunday. This Kok Thai restaurant is well known for its big dishes and reasonable price but I think that Sunday night, the food was a bit "overpriced".. however, given the quantity they served and everyone were happy, the price was justified. Guess who is the happiest of them all... at such a young age, he was one "celebrity" that night...  Aaron bought a FOX brand tee for him.. Cost $39SG = RM97! I never bought such an expensive t-shirt before!   Well, birthday boy always get all the "privileges"....     After the birthday song was being played... let's cut the cake... As for the dishes, these were what I ordered... claypot with sea cucumber, mushroom, fish maw...etc.. my favourite dish!  yam with vege kai lan  as