Sunday, September 9, 2012

In & Out Sacramento To San Francisco

So far I have made four trips to San Francisco from Sacramento since I came here ten days ago... it is around two hours drive away and if I have an international license, I would love to drive on the freeway... if only I could.. hahaha.. but I am the co-driver though.. sitting beside my BIL all the way!
The pilot who drives tirelessly!
getting ready for the third trip to SF...
Ok, from the starting point...going out from the countryside...
half hour from the freeway...
on the crossroads...
and now we are on the FreeWay... 
It is called freeway because it is FREE.. no toll charge! 
halfway we dropped by at Vacaville Outlet Store 
Vacaville means Cow Town...
and we "attacked" Coach!
 Bought a few bags from here...
and soon our stomachs were growling...
and we had our meal here..
In & Out is the popular one, so I heard...
Our first American meal....
and the french fries are the best I have ever tasted... they are not oily at all..
In & Out are a family business and this is not franchise as yet...
The Sacramento river....
and soon back on the Freeway to San Francisco....
for the airport to pick up another sibling of mine....


  1. Yummmmm!!!! Those are the things to go for. Nicer than here eh? Our ciplak McD ones...yucks!!!!

    Wahhhh...bought afew! Now how many bags did you buy exactly? Hmmm...come back to Malaysia, memang bergaya dah lah? Ada class... Coach, no less. Hahahahahaha!!!!

  2. wow that burger looks pretty big and delicous

  3. wow..that's interesting! free and easy but lots of shopping and indulgence too! Enjoy!

  4. Enjoy your shopping & eating spree. Have fun!!!!..

  5. Yes..having fun shopping but come back to pay debts later!

  6. COACH?? I Really can't afford to buy even a little purse in Malaysia, they are all so expensive. Are they cheaper in the US??

  7. WOw! Fast food... sedap or not those burgers? Better than our street burgers or not? ANd you bought Coach? OMG, those are so expensive in Malaysia... any cheaper over there, Claire?

  8. Looks like you are having fun in California. I lived in San Francisco Sept-Dec 1968.

  9. The American burger looks so big and good. Can't wait to see your loots from Coach.

  10. if i am not mistaken the fries are cut from the fresh potatoes..and they fried it.
    Not those process fries that we had..

  11. wow you went to the Coach outlet? pls show us when you're back.

  12. co driver not back seat driver ya hahaha.

    wah the burger manyak besar


Thank you, readers!

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