Saturday, September 8, 2012

Shopping And Japanese Food In Sacramento

Besides FOOD being the main itinerary, shopping is one of our main interest when we reached Sacramento! Never miss a day without going to the shopping malls or factory outlets... my cash is running out very soon if I am not careful... my credit card is going to "burst" too! :p
if I don't convert as I normally do, I would end up buying more and more... lol..
one of the shopping malls near our place...
with the "pocket money" he received, he went for a shopping spree too!!
An Angel's Fan! (Baseball)
Me? A Fruit Fan!
These grapefruits are very gigantic!
towards the evening, my sister took us to Eat All You Can ...
Japanese food... hahaha....
yes...NO American food as yet!
For $15.99 per person, it was really worth it! 
The fresh and raw oysters are abundant...
we waited for almost 45 minutes to get a table...
well, it was worth the wait....
Ok, we had the chinese, the vietnamese
the japanese... and the next.. is the Korean food!


  1. You're using your credit card? What's your limit! Really not much after conversion - if you've say, RM10, would just have about USD3,000 or 2,000 plus to spend. Will use that up very quickly, I'm sure!

  2. Hmmmm...still waiting for the hit dogs, burgers, the ribs, the thick slabs of meat, all the breakfast favourites - egg Benedict, gourmet sandwiches and all the yummy stuff that I get to see and drool over on AFC!!! Come, give it a try...and tell me whether they are really as nice as they look...or our wantan mee or char kway teow is still better. Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  3. It's nice to shop and I would shop till I drop too..Have a nice shopping time!

  4. So happy you are enjoying!

    Have a Great Weekend
    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  5. Wow, shop a lot, eh. Any for me, hehehehe.

  6. you nephew has great taste on shoes love it


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