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Tahiti Mai Tai Make Me High...

The weather in Las Vegas is very hot, I have never experienced such heat but then it is dry, I didn't sweat at all but I could feel my skin like being "burn".. so sunblock lotion is an very important item.. never leave home without it... I kept applying the cream on my arms and try to cover my face as much as I could... not surprising if more pigmentation appearing on my face now that I am home...

No wonder my BIL didn't want to join us during that afternoon to the strip... instead he invited us to go to Tahiti Lounge for a "Mai Tai".... I looked at him with a "questionably look" but followed all the same....
he took us to Tahiti lounge... and ordered ...
"Mai Tai Cocktail"
Mai Tai translates from Tahitian means "Out of this World." 
A glass consists of rum, lime juice, orange, orgeat syrup... 
nice dining lounge...
but I prefer to sit here and joined in the crowd... 
he ordered some spicy chicken wings with mango sauce...
*out of the world too*
Half way through, I felt that "I am out of the world...."
Mai Tai.... you made me high!!


  1. Vegas heat is out of this world too. Like you said, it is not only hot but it literally `burns' your skin and it is so painful just being out in the sun. When we were there, we were moving from one casino to another and refused to get out into the sun in the afternoon. By the way, you should hit the slot machines after getting `high' and probably gets a different type of high if you hit it big! Who knows? Anything is possible in Vegas!

  2. Rod: I thought of walking along the strip but the heat was holding me back... so I ended up drinking mai tai in Tahiti lounge instead.. so cooling.. hahaha..

  3. Mai tai in Hokkien = don't want, don't want lah...

  4. I used to drink mai tais at an open air bar on Waikiki Beach -- a long time ago before it was torn down. I loved the taste and the mellow feeling the drink gave me. I can tolerate one drink, but not more than that. Hate to feel drunk! Lol.

  5. Slurpppp!!!!...Refreshing drink for a hot day. The spicy chicken wings looks good.

  6. Wah, u're still there ah? Staying there for good?? Hahaha!

  7. mai tai is one of my favorite cocktails. different bartender has different taste to it. and I am very choosy when it comes to my favorite drink. =)

  8. i prefer my chicken spicy but it had to be with rice hahaha cocktail seems very refreshing

  9. i prefer my chicken spicy but it had to be with rice hahaha cocktail seems very refreshing


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