Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mirage And Trump Hotel In Las Vegas

From New York New York, the shuttle bus took us to Mirage Hotel... another amazing place I was told that I must visit... in fact all the enormous hotels along the strip are worth going into... when it is nightfall, some hotels display spectacular and colorful sights for the public to behold...
The Mirage...
On the way to the Mirage, there are awesome sights to admire... 
something "golden" caught my eyes...
wow.. so Donald Trump has his own hotel here in Vegas too!
according to my sister, the hotel rates are not expensive... 
there are so many of them.... 
love their landscaping... 
inside the Mirage lobby....
we spent half hour at the Mirage much to see... 
at the lounge showing the "Beatles"
at the Secret Garden inside the hotel...
I heard from my sister that there is a "volcano eruption" at the entrance of hotel...
but too bad I didn't manage to watch it...
After the half hour tour with my sister, we caught the shuttle bus
which took us back to Tahiti Village Resort... 


  1. the hotel rates & buffet meals are giveaway cheap as they are "subsidized" from the gambling profits.

    my friend had a weird habit - he collected all those coin buckets from the various casinos as souvenirs!

  2. it's just like genting then. THe hotels are affordable to lure us to go up to gamble? NICE place!

  3. Hubby and I stayed at the California Hotel in Vegas for 5 nights back in 1998. We saw a lot of shows at night. Enjoy your trip.

  4. wow..spectacular views especially the Trump building..

  5. Nice. So? Did you gamble? How much did you win? I'm sure you tried your luck at those one-arm bandit machines at least?

  6. love the landscaping too nice hotel

  7. A very big Macau over got try your luck?

  8. trump hotel? the one in his tv series? haha

  9. Wow Trump golden hotel presume just build recently. tQ

  10. I heard the bus ride is free too to lure gamblers to vegas, is that true?

  11. Nice hotel with nice landscaping too.

  12. oh dear, all my replies are gone...

  13. simple person: no.. i didnt try it BIG..too kedekut! hahaha..

  14. the scene there and those few buildings really look exactly like those i saw in Macau.. hmmm, they just hire one designer and replicate over?? :D

  15. Maybe casino hotels are like that? :)


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