Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Michael Firestone & I - MJ Live Tribute In Las Vegas

The following night after the heavy downpour, it was a time for another excitement, this time it was not as "threatening" as the previous night but a time for a "thunderous" one... an event I was looking forward to since the day I arrived in Las Vegas!

The only SHOW I wanted to go and watch is none other than a tribute to Michael Jackson and he is none other than Michael Firestone!  Upon checking into the resort, we quickly booked tickets to the MJ Live in Rio Hotel...
Getting ready for the show... 
The good old "Charlie's Angels" and their "Bosley?"  LOL....
The Crown Theatre Nightclub where the show begins at 8.30pm..
 We were there very early around 7pm...  (kiasu-ness)
... first come first serve seats.... 
One ticket cost around $37usd.
Soon we were led into the nightclub....
and get the Best Seats ever.. 
(after giving some $ tips!)
Getting the feel of the surrounding...
Take some pictures ....
before the show began... 
Trying out the camera la ... 
the curtains raised up and Michael Firestone 
appeared... and sang... "Man In The Mirror"
For a moment, I really thought it was the real Michael Jackson..
even his voice sounded the same as the original MJ...
Thriller... Dangerous... Billie Jean... Beat It...
all the popular songs from Michael Jackson... ..
Hearing these songs made me miss Michael Jackson in a way...
Felt sad that he had passed on just like that...  
The One hour performance by Michael Firestone 
did not put MJ to shame....
It was really worth watching the "MJ Live"
and I wouldn't mind watching it over and over again...
Michael & I
After the performance, fans of MJ (or should I say Michael Firestone)
queued up to take a picture with him....
And that is how I have this picture...
Though it is not the real Michael Jackson
I will treasure this one here always!


  1. He bears a close resemblance to MJ. Guess he must have gone through multiple plastic surgery.

  2. I heard he has to get "approval" from MJ's family before he can perform like MJ...

  3. wow, that's interesting and I missed MJ too..

  4. gigi: yeah!!

    wenn: more you want to go! :)

  5. He does look like Michael Jackson. the magic of plastic surgery I suppose.

  6. It must be great such a Michael Jackson show.


  7. I've seen his show 3 times; in Albuquerque, NM, Laughlin, NV and Santa Fe, NM. He's great! Makes me miss Michael more every time but he does MJ proud. He met and spoke to MJ at length one time in Las Vegas. He's a true Michael fan. Made me appreciate him and his act even more.

  8. nice! I love those shows they have overseas. Expensive but so very well done, so very nice, it is worth every cent!

  9. It must have been a great show. He really looks like MJ.

  10. agnes: i read his interview, he said it is all due to makeup..

    filip: indeed it was.. i would love to see it again if i could..

    corlista: that is cool!! 3 times!

    stp: I only watch those that I like.. :) worth ever cent..'

    andrew: indeed he is...

    merryn: yeah, he is a legend..

  11. haha nice i love mj haha at first i thought that a wax figure of mj

  12. for a moment I really thought he is the real MJ

  13. mecoy: he is real...but his name is Michael Firestone..hahaha..

    kathy: me or him? :)

    ling: yeah, he looks very alike..

  14. Looks like you really had a great time. Feels good to see MJ again (Michael F). Thanks for the visit!

  15. Michael Firestone really look alike MJ, good for MJ fans to enjoy and remember MJ with the show.

  16. MJ came alive? hehe, looks like you had a good time.


Thank you, readers!

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