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Vegas And I

It is like a dream come true for me when I finally “landed” in the city of Las Vegas.  For many suns and moons I have been hoping to see the bright city lights as shown on television and movies and all those years, I have never thought that my dream would come true one day.  This is one vacation that I have enjoyed the most and most of the time during my holiday, I have been thinking about them and wishing that they were together with me as well.  We would have lots of ideas for activities they would enjoy especially in the resorts I was staying, something like old Vegas.d Vegas. As much as we love the high-end Vegas resorts, there is a definite benefit to the old resorts, too. There's an easy kind of low-key civility in the older posh hotels. The pace is slower. The people seem friendlier. The clientele is chiefly made up of Vegas veterans, experienced travelers and locals.

Experienced Vegas visitors know the best spots. This helps the established Vegas hotels retain a lot of their own flavor. At Tropicana Las Vegas, for instance, our rooms were big and comfortable with adjoining rooms.  Parents with kids will love these and I am sure my kids will enjoyed themselves tremendously too!  It was a short walk to the Tropicana pool, often voted the best Las Vegas swimming pool. The pool area takes up two acres filled with lush tropical landscaping.  While kids can enjoy themselves in the swimming pool, adults like me will feel comfortable leaving them at the  poolside while I could venture out elsewhere for a while. The pool area is well-supervised. The security is evident but not obvious. Upon our returned, we found him still in the cabana area. It turns out he had enjoyed a couple of hours investigating the tropical ambiance within the landscaping.

Other older hotels have their own individual personalities and charm. They each retain a unique piece of old Vegas. Some have distinctive landscaping, transporting the visitor to somewhere far away. Some have the old Vegas flavor to their architecture. Still others have activities that don't involve gaming, such as wonderfully lavish showrooms. Each hotel, old and new, is an attraction in and of itself. No two hotels are alike and all welcome visitors, though some attractions are reserved for hotel guests.

I had a wonderful vacation with my family members, all of us had an awesome time looking at the bright lights and spectacular sights along the strip. Even my young teenaged nephew enjoyed himself tremendously, he told us that he found so many other things for him to see and explore. On our last day, we attended a show that was a tribute to the Rat Pack era, one of the many Vegas heydays. Still, that's the thing about Las Vegas. No matter how many years may pass, it never gets old.


  1. That is one city ive always dreamed of being there

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