Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Western, Mexican And Asian Food

For our lunch, we went to visit this yacht club.... and I forgot the name of this seafood restaurant!  sigh.. I should have written it down... just now I try googling for the name and I couldn't find it.. what shall I do?  Just post up the pictures and see if anyone of you recognize the place or not... Maybe some of you will be able to tell me... :)
a yacht club starting with M.... Mendelay? 
any idea where this is?  
if not mistaken, it sounds like Mandelay....or Menteroy?
inside the restaurant... 
I had salsa with tortilla chips 
and I was very fascinated with the colourful chips!
prime ribs medium done....
fish and chips!
spicy thai-style noodles
er.... this one... no idea! hahahaa...
Next.. we went to the Commissary for our groceries....
It is a shopping mall for military staff only....
The groceries here are a cheaper than those sold outside...
Only military people and their families can come and shop here....
Too bad I cannot take some pictures inside the Commissary...


  1. Do you have the receipt from lunch? I save all the receipts when I travel so I can find names when I blog or write a review at TripAdvisor. :)

    Food looks awesome, so I hope you find the name!

  2. wow..those food make me hungry..nice place too!

  3. Tortilla chips with excessive amount of colouring!!!

  4. Ya, how do they colour the tortilla chips? I love Mexican...

    Fish and chips, not so into batter coating but if the fish is fresh and nice, ok with chili or tomato or tartar sauce. They eat with vinegar, right? Yet to acquire the taste for that and it makes the batter soggy. Not so crazy about that.

  5. I think you meant Monterey, right?

    Hahaha... I managed to get the gist of what you tried to say.

  6. yeah, very irritating when you cannot remember the name of the place you went huh?? hahaha.. but i've not been to US so cannot help lah~~ :D

    the chips so colorful!!! coloring or natural colors ah?? looks a bit scary lah~~

  7. I love the big portion of food available. Can eat to my heart's content.

  8. what a huge portion of meals hoho it my first time seeing colored nachos

  9. Hello dear,firstly I need to say sorry for not commenting on many posts of yours already,you know why,,, those pictures already made me feel so "jelos already " ahahhaahhaahhah. wish I was there but then again,You have made your dream came through,I remember reading you sharing about your desire to go to the "far away land" kan?

    Happy for ya,,, now keep saving up again,, North pole or south pole perhaps hahahahh?

  10. Forgot to tell you this,, now that You are back, toiling away, must really watch your diet already ya,,? traveling time, tak kisah lah, hantam je,, but now back,must jaga sikit no no no must jaga banyak ,, you know in state,,many fattening foods kan,there?

    now must drink a lot of HO Yan Ho leong chai already, exercise and rest well,,,,ya

  11. familytravels: that is a good tip! yeah, keep the receipts!

    wenn: and nice scenery.. hahaha..

    pam: we cannot manage to finish them all...

    stp: no idea.. do they come like that perhaps? wonder why they made them so colorful..

  12. henry: u struck something there.. sounds like Monterey.. u r smart!!

    choiyen: yes, we shared and shared.. hahaha..

    sk: i wanted to say that too.. dont know permissible or not.. i guess no harm huh.. walloped already!

    andrew: for guys, just nice.. for ladies, we can share share.. :)

  13. mecoy: me too!!

    mery: first time tasting them too..

    eugene: oh, i m so guilty! yes.. all the food and no exercise is making me ... huge.. and unhealthy! ok ok, i go take my doggie for more walks starting today! :)

  14. Em the club should be Mandalay.
    The tortilla chips are so colorful.

  15. gosh....the chips were so colourful ! I think they are made with natural ingreadient like vege or fruits to come up with such colour ?


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