Monday, November 26, 2012

KaraOKe-ing Till Voice-less

All work and no play makes us very dull and bored!  For the first two days Saturday and Sunday, we had our study course commencing at 8.30am till 10.30pm!!  No joke.. but of course with some meal intervals in-between..

On the 3rd and our last night in Langkawi, my colleagues and I decided to "let ourselves go" and had a blast in a Karaoke lounge just opposite our resort...
we had a BBQ dinner at the garden hotel.....
and after that, a Good Time at the Karaoke lounge!
crooning a slow number... "Titanic"theme song, I think..
while my colleague belting out a Michael Buble "Sway"....
for two hours, we sang.... till I croaked..... hahahaa...
At 11.30pm... we called it a night...
A night to remember....
The next morning, it was not a surprise to me
 that my voice has "gone" off for a short holiday.... LOL...


  1. I can see the 1Malaysia spirit in your team!

  2. Macam itu tak ada OK lah how to work next day haha. Well you can speak like hot Rod Stewart then.

  3. Anybody could sing as nice as me? Hehehehehehe!!!!

  4. pam: too!!

    bananaz: more like bonnie tyler.. hahaha..

    stp: when are you going to Penang? Must ask Eugene to arrange one more session again soon! hehee..

  5. 2 hours only? Last time I sang for 9 hours and there's only 3 of us LOL!

  6. after training..that's great!

  7. kathy: bocor rahsia!!

    foong: anything happened to your voices?? :)

    wenn: hahaha.. last night in Langkawi..

  8. Everybody is enjoying and having great fun. I guess you have bet out a nice song.

  9. What did you do to your voice, Claire? 2 hours and it decided to go silent?? You should have drink more honey and sing until the wee hours and straight away go home, hehehe~

  10. Claire...when u gona go for Astro CGM contest. U got the potential to join the contest.

  11. Heard you sing before,i testify that you can sing but then you didn't sing the "titanic' song, you sang the |body guard" song,,,

  12. you should have shared a video of you while singing haha that will be fun to watch

  13. you should have shared a video of you while singing haha that will be fun to watch


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