Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Singapore And Langkawi Within A Week

Just came back from Langkawi... and feeling most lethargic.. tired... exhausted...
Come to think of it, traveling from north to south in a matter of one week has finally shown its results....

And now about this post.... it is still about Singapore...

We walked along the streets of Singapore... mall after mall... so much so I didn't really know which mall I have gone in and out from...
I think this was taken in ION Mall...
A dessert lover... couldn't help not drooling over the cup cakes here...
However I didn't buy any of them.... just look see, look see only..
what is this?  I cannot remember what I took ....
I think it is sort of a tea shop...
outside the mall...
it looks like a Christmas cum Chinese New Year decorations here...
along Orchard Road
One of the malls along Orchard Road..
saw something interesting passing us by
and quickly snapped a picture of them ...

At the moment of time, I am feeling very "heaty"... maybe too much traveling, food and lack of rest is taking a toil on me now... it is time for me to take a good rest at home... my friend just commented that I don't feel well quite frequently... and I notice that when I come home from traveling, I often end up feeling unwell.... why is it so?


  1. I love to visit Singapore too. It's SO clean! Ya, I feel tired too after travelling. Maybe too much food and too much walk.....haha. Time to make chicken essence :D. I just posted it today. My aunty taught me how to make and I had made it 3 times last week! :D It tasted SO good.....mmmm

  2. as for me, traveling is the best and I love it but it shouldn't be too frequent.

  3. Christmas along Orchard Road used to be a great experience with all the decor, the sales, dunno now. Have not been to Singapore for years! Too expensive, can't afford.

    Hmmm...I'm not surprised, all this running here and there, eating this and that. No spring chicken anymore....like me, have to slow down. Take care, get well soon.

  4. wow really relaxing huh, travel here and there! =D

  5. Maybe you feel unwell when you reach home, because you are too exhausted? :D

  6. Too much travelling, feel exhausted and it is time to have a good rest before you venture into another travelling spree. Take care & get well soon. God Bless!!!..

  7. travelling is tiring, but we got all excited when come to travelling..when come an age I feel the pinch too..take a good rest and relax for a few days..don't forget to take some supplements too..rest well!!

  8. Agnes: thanks for the tips!

    irene: yeah, i need to.. old bones ma...

    tekkaus: u can say that again...

    stp: hahaha..how to become a spring chicken again..tell me.. yeah, have to accept that old bones cannot travel so much.. .

    henry: not relaxing..taxing!! hahaha..

    wenn: yeah, no choice this one..

    mary: i cough cough..so cannot take chicken essence as yet.. wait till i become stronger! haha..

  9. yeah thats set of cupcakes was something interesting to look at haha


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